João Caneca

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Clan Brujah
Status 6+2
Domain Pirenópolis, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00000
Player Daniel Desastrado


João Caneca in the Sorocaba´s Domain, November 2011

Alias(es): João Caneca, John Mug, Bule, Xícara

Real Name: Caneca

Apparent Age: 33

Concept: Highway Biker Bar Owner

Physical description: Average height, brown eyes, beard and hair (with a red hair lost here and there), changing from long hair with full beard to all shaved (except for the goatee), fat, strong with a clumsy walk.

Detailed Status:

  • Reconhecido por Leopoldo Macedo Cristo / Acknowledged by Leopoldo Macedo Cristo
  • Dedicado por Fixer / Devoted by Fixer for decades of service to the Pirenópolis Domain
  • Confiável por Isaac Samir / Trustworthy by Isaac Samir for his actions maintaining the Court peace
  • Bravo por Nyx Belyakov / Brave by Nyx Belyakov for his actions related to the death of the Infernalist Patrick de Laman
  • Justo por Fixer/Just by Fixer for his work as Harpy
  • Admirado por Tibério Fauzi/ Admired by Tibério Fauzi for the destruction of a hunter member in many domains

  • Feared and Empowered for his position as Archon to Justicar Jaroslav Pascek

  • Bem Conectado por Dual Black/Well Connected by Dual Black for his diplomatic actions between camarilla and anarchists (abdicated)

Character Information

Known History

Lived a long time in the Brazil´s Center-West region. Most known around there for his bar called "Bar do Caneca" (Caneca´s Bar), a place near the highway always welcoming motorcycle clubs and independent travellers.

Has his business and supposed haven under the domain of Pirenópolis, but he usually says his real home is the road, or, sometimes, Alexânia and Abadiânia (small cities along the highway). He said for many times that his obligations with the Pirenópolis Domain and with the neighbor domain of Brasília are done by protecting those small cities and for long time he was happy just doing that and helping the Camarilla authorities, or his clan, when in need.

Since he was born in the region, many times he was sought for advice by younger members or at least new people on the domain. He receives anyone in his drinking joint with a smile and sometimes with good wisdom, sometimes with dumb ideas.

In the last years he has been bothered more than normal, making him to take a more active position in the Court and inside his clan.

Since the disappearing of Mr. Halisson Milhomem, a Toreador and former Pirenópolis´ Harpy, João Caneca talked to the primogen Council and the Prince at the time and took the position for himself, so far.

He was on the big attack in Caxias do Sul, which did put to an end to the menace posed by the brujah elder Patrick de Laman, who was corrupted by the infernal forces, and a few weeks after this "event" he was declared in Brazil as an archon in training.



João Caneca in the Giovanni´s Reunion, November 2011


Draconys Kracov - ex-Prince of Brasília (deceased)


Bob Red De La Sorte (deceased)


Character Inspirations


João Caneca hearing the plan to kill Patrick de Laman, November 2011


  • "Obrigado Omar. Você era muito doido e fazia nossos amigos terem medo" - sobre a morte do Filho de Haqin, Omar;

"Thanks Omar. You were very crazy and made our enemies be afraid" - about the death of the Children of Haqin, Omar;

  • "(...)mas deixo meus votos de que os infernalistas logo sumam do mapa, para que voltemos a dar na cara do sabá como antigamente." - Sobre a Convenção de Fogo

"(...)but I leave my best wishes that the infernalists get lost soon, so we can go back to slap the sabbat as in the old days" - About the Convention of Fire

  • "Sinto como se fossemos um grupo de D&D de 10o nível indo atrás do Tarrasque e acredite, isto não é bom."

"I feel like we were a D&D group of 10th level going after the Tarrask and believe it, it´s not good"

  • "Ao menos os infernalistas serviram para uma coisa: agora sabemos que ainda temos uma alma para perder"

"At least the infernalists were useful for one thing: now we know that we still have a soul to lose"

  • "O Caneca é um cara sério. Tenho alguma simpatia por ele. Mas o arconte Caneca, como todos os outros, é somente mais um peão manipulado pelos seus pares."

"Caneca is a serious guy. I have some simpathy for him. But the Archon Caneca, as all others, is just another peon manipulated by his peers"
Aquiles, Líder Anarquista/Anarchist Leader


  • Was one of the kindred that went to New York to kill Zio!´s murderer
  • Was one of the kindred that went to Hartford to kill Portus, multiple charges
  • Was one of the kindred that went to João Pessoa to kill Cícero Tatu, multiple charges
  • Was one of the kindred that went to Duque de Caxias to kill Patrick de Laman, charged of infernalism
  • Killed Carlos Moura, charged of treason, making alliance with the sabbat, endangering humans and Elysium
  • Killed Felikes, o Ravnos, charged of making alliance with the sabbat
  • Cut the hand of Lex Al Leon to make him drop a demon possessed dagger. Lex fully understood Caneca reasons and they are still friends.
  • Wants to catch a malkavian called Chico Santo, infernalist, responsible for the death of Draconys Kracov, former Brasília´s Prince
  • Chooses bikes over airplanes
  • Doesn´t like heights
  • Is afraid of Malkavians
  • Became a new person after having the honor of meeting Justicar Maris Streck
  • Supports the Black Napalm MC
  • Once lost the possession of his bar in a card game to a Tremere. The Tremere, gently, gave back the bar, no costs
  • Has his real haven inside a female prison
  • Is a member of the "Firma"
  • Gossip says he is or is related to Frei Caneca (Friar Caneca), a XIX century religious man and politician
  • Some say he shared some weed with Justicar Art Morgan
  • Uses unorthodox methods to approach sieges
  • Works constantly with Archon Amaro Coutinho