Ana Paula (Deceased)

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Clan Malkavian
Position Deceased
Status 4 Personal
Domain Parahyba, Brazil
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player ***DEAD***



Real Name:

Apparent Age:

Physical description:
Average height, dark brown eyes, short black hair. She is very fit

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Antenor Navarro, Former Prince of Parahyba
Just by Peregrino de Carvalho, Former Prince of Parahyba
Respected by Gabriel Yves Lawrance Wesson, Malkavian Elder
Honorable by William Bishop, Former Prince of Fortaleza
Feared and Empowered by position

Character Information

Known History

- Former Primogen under Prince Antenor Navarro of Parahyba in 2005
- Former Harpy of Parahyba from October 2008 to June 2010
- Moderator of Brazilian National Camarilla Virtual List since 2009
- Archon serving Justicar Lotharius, of the Tremere since June 2010
- Her destruction was announced on April 2011 on the Brazilian Camarilla list


Was rumored to be part of an alleged Coterie formed by Harpies in 2009


- Ártemis (deceased)
- Gaetano Aeminium (deceased)
- Gabriel Yves Lawrence Wesson, Harpy of Sorocaba
- Hyde Hercovitch, Archon to Justicar Lotharius
- Lucas Bonfim, Archon to Justicar Petronius
- Luigi Falcone, Archon to Justicar Art Morgan
- Mia Scarlatti (deceased)
- Portus


- Thorstein, the Golden publicly declared his wish to kill her


Joaquim Manoel Carneiro da Cunha



- Jorgette Ribeiro
- João Magno Carneiro da Cunha
- Miguel Arcanjo (deceased)
- Leônidas Ribeiro Coutinho (deceased)
- Josenildo da Silva (deceased)
- Éris
- Érica Brandão Ava de Figueiredo

Character Inspirations




- She was part of an alleged Coterie formed by Harpies in 2009
- This same Coterie of Harpies are almost all Archons nowadays.
- Apparently she likes assisting promising young kindred in Camarilla politics
- She is a Ventrue pretending to be a Malkavian
- She dislikes Assamites
- She dislikes Setites
- She was brainwashed by the Tremere when she became Archon to make her adopt their philosophy
- She is in fact a Tremere posing as a Malkavian
- She despises Anarchs
- She is completly fanatic about Camarilla
- She used to be part of the Anarch movement during her first years as kindred
- She is partially responsible for the departure of the last Giovanni that tried to live in Parahyba
- She is some sort of beacon to wraiths.
- She is being chased by supernatural entities because she keeps something they want
- After some time as Tremere Archon, she is growing much colder and clearly less human. Who would guess?!
- She was bargained between the Tremere and the Malkavian Justicariate for a tremere for the Malkavian Office, but the tremere didn't make it or was killed before.
- Her recent investigation in Rio Grande was actually to cover a mistake made by a Tremere and the infernalism was used only as an excuse for the public eye.