Cecília M. Stills

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 6
Domain Pirenópolis, Brazil
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Player Name


Cecília Stills

Cecília Montenegro del Sólar
Cecília M. Stills

Real Name:
Not largely known

Apparent Age:
Early 30ties

Beautiful sociopath

Physical description:
Cecília has long, dark gold hair, framing a strong face. Mid-height, has a generous body, and chestnut eyes, usually cheerful. Usually dresses well, in the latest fashion.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Rory O’Shea
Cherished by Aetius
Sagacious by Lucas Bonfim
Ingenious by Erdota Urmen de Corazon, former Prince of São Paulo
Loyal by Fixer, former Prince of Pirenopolis
Cherished by Justicar Lucinde

Character Information

Known History

Came to São Paulo last year, where she acquired some reputation as a strategist. For unknown motives, she left the city and is establishing herself in Pirenópolis, where she quickly become Primogen.
Was appointed in 2011 as Archon of Lord Jaroslav Pascek, Justicar Brujah, remaining in this position until March/2012, when she was appointed as Archon of Lady Lucinde, Justicar Ventrue.




  • Lucas Bonfim
  • Arcos Haabran de Pérgamo
  • Isaac Zamir
  • Luigi Falcone


    None she knows. Just in case, better stay away from Setites.




    Bianca Stills


    Lucrezia Megara

    Character Inspirations

  • Catherine The Great
  • Carmem San Diego
  • Nikita
  • A cherished, snarky, fashionist friend of mine, Luisa Montenegro. I even stolen her surname :p


  • Chello Prelude nº 5, Bach
  • Because the Nigth – 10000 Maniacs
  • Raining Blood – Slayer
  • Jardim das Acácias – Zé Ramalho


  • “I see no reason why not kill all of them. A enemy forgiven is a enemy you will have to fight again. No, it’s not against Humanitas. It’s against common sense.”
  • “If I like guns? I love them, love all these male symbols of power.”


  • Her cheerful behavior is a cover for a cruel, depraved nature. And it’s a cover for keen eyes and sharp wits.
  • She hates men, or loves them too much. Or both.
  • She’s having a love affair with a Setite. And secretly studies Setite Sorcery while her daddy is not looking. That’s why she came to Brazil.
  • She's going bitter from having her help used without "proper compensation". (as we know, Ventrue hate when they receive the same treatment they give everyone else...)
  • Sleeps with anyone.