Tess Montgomery

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Clan Ventrue
Position Deceased
Status 3 + 3 positional
Domain Stamford, CT
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player [1]


Alias(es):Tessa Belle Montgomery

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Tess .jpg

Real Name:

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Southern Socialite

Physical description: Tess has dark curly hair that she tends to wear up, and bright blue eyes. She has thick Southern Accent, and dresses like a modern southern belle. The M necklace that she wears around her neck is rumored to be a gift from her sire upon her embrace.

Detailed Status:

  • acknowleged (1990 Alec Silverson, Prince of Brimingham)
  • Cherished (January 2017 Primogen Elly Yuen)
  • Cherished (Positional Appointed Seneschal January 2017)
  • Reveried (Positional Appointed Seneschal January 2017)
  • Trusted (Positional Appointed Seneschal January 2017)

Character Information

Known History

Tess breezed into the domain of Stamford in May of 2016 claiming to be from Mobile, AL . She was looking to meet her brood mate Kingston Lennox and to speak with her sire. However, after learning that Juilian had been killed by the Settie Samir, Tess has turned her attention to getting to know her brood mate and establishing herself in the area.


The road hasn't been easy for her though. She has been attacked directly by the Sabbat, almost killed by a group of assassins in Monaco, the loss of her brother’s heart and Not to mention the fact that she is still reeling from learning about the death of her sire. Through it all however, Tess has managed to keep a smile on her face, and was appointed as Seneschal of the Domain of Stamford in January 2017


while not having an official title or anything, Tess tends to keep strong ties to the "ladies" of court, in particular Nova Cassidy, Amelia Wortington, and Elly Yuen

In addition she is incredibly close to her brood mate who she shares an awful lot in common with.



"Bless your Heart"


Julian Christiansen- Died 2004




Kingston Lennox

Character Inspirations

  • Melanie Carmichael (played by Reese Witherspoon) from Sweet Home Alabama
  • Becky Sharp (played by Reese Witherspoon) from Vanity Fair
  • Lemon Breeland (played by Jamie King) from Heart of Dixie




  • "If there is a bad idea with in 50 miles, guaranteed she is going to find it" Nova Cassidy about Tess's love life.
  • "A bad idea radar so finely tuned that if the Soviet Union had been aware of it we would all be speaking Russian"- Nova Cassidy about Tess
  • "Then again Alcohol is a religious insituation in the South and one I pray at daily."- Tess to Dawood Marwan
  • "If being naive means having faith in something bigger than myself, I am okay with being naive then."- Tess to Lucas Bonfim
  • "Everything I have done since I have been here is because I am playing with a 2,7 off suit, and the only option is bluff cause I can't walk away from the table"- Tess to Amelia Wortington


IMG 0742.jpg
  • Met her final death in a terrible fire on the set of the upcoming remake of Gone With the Wind where she was an extra
  • Secretly obsessed with broodmate and sabotages anyone who gets too close to him*
  • Tess has been divorced at least once
  • She seduces her brother's political rivals to give him an opportunity to axe them
  • Has held a grudge against other Kindred for being fans of Auburn
  • Tess indulges is several vices as a means of coping with her sire's perceived rejection of her
  • Despite claims to the contrary, several believe her to be from the civil war era of the south