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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 4
Domain Athens, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player April Montgomery


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Alias: none

Real Name: Mariana

Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Poet

Physical description: Mariana is tightly self contained, but this cannot disguise the grace and elegance of her every movement. Her mind is just as nimble, and the silken caress of her voice wraps deftly shaped words. While she dresses in conservative modern styles the majority of the time, her Victorian heritage reveals itself when formal occasions allow.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged by Prince Marcel Guilbeau of New Orleans, LA

Steadfast by Calliope Van Horne of Washington, DC

Cherished by Vincent Velario of Baltimore, MD

Elegant by Lorelei Schuler of Baltimore, MD

Character Information

Known History

Mariana lived a very quiet life for her first century, becoming comfortable with her nocturnal existance. While born and Embraced in New Orleans, her public life truly began when she moved to Balitmore, MD. She served as Primogen of her clan in Baltimore, as well as Harpy in nearby Annapolis. She spent a little while in Atlanta before becoming so involved in her literary works that she lost track of time. Upon awakening to the world again, she relocated to Athens to better work on her current project, a textbook on poetry for Kindred.



Calliope Van Horne

Vincent Velario

Remy DeLaurent

Jennica Sparrow

Tatiyana Krajnik


Lilyanna Salvatore





Character Inspirations


Performed to "Bring on the Men" from the Jekyll & Hyde Musical at NonClave 2006



She faked her own death so she could make a successful play for Harpy of Atlanta.

Mariana was killed, along with nearly all of the Athens Domain, in the Sabbat attack of June 2012.

She blames the Sabbat attack on the weakness the domain endured after a round of Princes.

After a salacious song-and-dance performance at NonClave 2006, Mariana was rumored to be romantically interested in former Prince Reggie McCrae of Winchester, though she denied it.

She is rumored to have one Childe who is somewhere in Ireland. Said Childe is in great disfavor with Mariana for having sent a Grandchilde to Mariana who was too inept to even feed herself.

Mariana's polite and demure demeanor is a facade concealing acerbic wit and disdain for the graceless dregs of modern society.