Ezekiel Cross

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Clan Ventrue
Position Harpy
Status 4+7
Domain Lakeland, FL
Coterie Classified
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Will


Ezekiel Cross, Modern Day

The Monsignor, Monsignor Cross

Real Name: Monsignor Ezekiel Cross

Apparent Age: mid-late 60's

Concept: The Religious Hunter

Physical description:

Described as extremely commanding, charismatic, and intimidating, Monsignor Ezekiel Cross is a man whose force of personality can be felt by all of those around him. Standing 6'3", his green eyes seem to pierce to ones very soul at times. Always sharply dressed, he can always be found with a rosary around his wrist, and either a bible, or other religious or occult text in his hand as he roams Elysium.

Acknowledged by Scott Cohen, Former Prince of Trenton, NJ
Loyal by Saxton Redfield, Former Prince of Griffin, Ga
Indomitable by Danny Storm, Former Prince of Griffin, Ga
Praised by Remi Pompeii Magnus, Prince of Griffin, Ga

After a successful career as the Harpy of Griffin, Ga, Ezekiel Cross graciously retired and has publicly announced he is leaving Griffin for Florida to pursue other goals. Within 2 hours of his arrival in Lakeland, he was named the new Harpy.

Character Information

Known History

Records of a man named Ezekiel Cross can be traced back to the mid 1600's in the Massachusetts Bay Colony area, and was associated with many of the witch hunts in the area, according to older church records. Whether or not this is the same man that roams the city of Griffin today is unknown.

Monsignor Ezekiel Cross appeared in the domain of Griffin in mid 2013, shortly after a fairly major scandal amongst the Ventrue of the area. He quickly made his name known, and is known to be both a disciplinarian and traditionalist of the highest caliber. He almost seems to take pleasure in reining in members of the blood that act against the traditional ways of the Ventrue.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Monsignor Cross is the aura of power he seems to radiate at all times. To some, it may resemble true faith, but to others, it may resemble an immense force of will that practically radiates from him. Regardles, it seems to put a number of Kindred in the domain ill at ease.


If you know of it, you're probably in it.


Dr. Josephine Lee
Charles McMillan
Brian Faulkner
Danny Storm
Liam Kingston
Edward H. Smythe
Nathan Rhys Arturo
Victoria Langley
Remi Pompeii
Bravo Sinclair
Tatiyana Krajnik


The Sabbat


Non-Camarilla Vampires


Lady Evangeline Westerling (deceased)


Elaine Reynolds, recently claimed to be his first childe, many years ago.



Character Inspirations

The Crucible

Constantine (John Constantine)

Underworld (Viktor)

Game of Thrones (Tywin Lannister)


Knockin' on my Coffin- Bat Country

Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked- Cage the Elephant

In Time- Mark Collie

God's Gonna Cut you Down- Johnny Cash

Immortal- Cruxshadows

Short Change Hero- The Heavy

Who did that to you? - John Legend

The Call- Damion Suomi


  • "Your mouth is talking again. You might want to see to that."
  • (To him) "You know...you should really loosen that collar..."
  • "These young Licks will learn respect, one way or another..."
  • "When, in your tiny little mind, did you think that would be a good idea? Was it before or after I jumped down your throat about it?"
  • "Never show them fear, boy. Never back down, never give quarter to the enemy, or the enemy will take that advantage to corrupt you to your very soul."
  • "As I stated in our previous correspondence, I am -not- sticking my dick in that hornet's nest."


  • Continually shoots himself in the foot during negotiations.
  • Is only a priest to avoid courtship.
  • Radiates an aura of power that may resemble True Faith
  • Despises most Vampires, particularly ones who are not of the Ivory Tower.
  • Secretly works with Church affiliated Hunters to remove the vampire threat to humanity.
  • Was once assaulted by a clan mate who left lipstick on his collar, and a kiss on his cheek.
    • And he liked it.
  • Recently attempted to exorcise a demonic entity that had appeared in the Griffin Elysium.
  • Recently got in a fight with a powerful demon in a nearby domain, and almost got his ass handed to him.
    • He went back for round two, and won.
  • Has been heard on occasion referring to himself as a "violent relic of ages past." The reasoning why is unknown to most.
  • Professes his hatred for "witches" openly, yet is often seen in the company of a member of Clan Tremere. What Gives?
  • Recently worked in tandem with a Georgia Toreador to successfully banish a demon back to hell for all eternity. A trend seems to be forming.
  • Demons seemingly appear in any Domain he frequents. Does he bring them with him?
  • Has betrayed his clan for power under a Brujah Prince.
  • May be rising in popularity too fast for his own good.
  • Is secretly an agent for a shadowy group of powerful Ventrue.
  • Was named Harpy of Lakeland Fl 2 hours after arriving in the Domain. Was it a coup?
  • Seems to be collecting a very strange assortment of Kindred as allies. Is he secretly a Pokémon master, and is trying to collect them all, or is something more sinister afoot?
  • Has church hunters on his payroll; the kind that wield true faith.