Nathan Rhys Arturo

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 3
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Justin Kemp


Nathan visiting Nashville
A moments rest

Real Name: Nathan Rhys Arturo

Apparent Age: 33

Concept: Avenging Sophophile

Physical description: Nathan stands 6"3 with a strong build. His hair is brown and normally in neat condition or under a cowboy hat. He tends to dress casually, but will dress according to the situation. His eyes are normally blue, however they glow red whenever he becomes distressed or angry.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Banderson of Kansas City
Brave by Former Sovereign Prince Faulkner of Macon, Ga
Insightful by Former Seneschal Vaan Sliel

Character Information

Known History

Embraced by the Elder Drake, Nathan was chosen to be Kindred for his desire to fight for his ideals. With his preferred weapon of knowledge, he survives each night seeking new knowledge and perspectives. Nathan has traveled all over the United States with his partner, Rochelle, meeting different Kindred and discussing many academic topics.

Before the Sabbat took Mobile, he managed the Ivory Education Fund. The Fund made it possible for young neonates with little resources and ability to attend a college institution. Nathan not only managed it, but utilized it to obtain a second college education.

Nathan has held a few positions in Griffin, such as Lesser Harpy under Mnsr. Ezekiel Cross of Venture, and as Primogen of Brujah. During both times, he strove for the betterment of the domain and assisted many in important tasks.

Some point during the 80s, Nathan lost Rochelle to the Sabbat. Nathan hunted those responsible for killing her. He saught new knowledge and power along his way to better equip himself against those he hunted.

A few years ago, he has allied himself with the Sjekna Brood, led by Ivan Sjekna. Through trial and ritual, he was accepted into their "family". This led to tensions between the Brujah of Georgia and the Sjekna, for they spoke differently but meant the same thing. Disagreements aside, Nathan chose to walk the line of loyalty between these two groups knowing well the difficulties. It was his hope to be a bridge between the two different cultures, for in his mind they walked different paths but their destinations were relatively the same. However, in the end, the two groups parted ways and Nathan became distant with the Sjeckna.

On April 2nd, 2016, Nathan and Mercy, ghoul of the Sjekna, were attacked en route to gather by numerous men with shotguns. Mercy perished in the attack with a note in her vest. This note challenged Nathan to meet with someone alone. This brought information leading to the whereabouts of his long lost partner, Rochelle. Presumed dead, Rochelle had been tortured for 31 years by the Sabbat he was hunting. Now freed, Rochelle and Nathan wander the nights seeking their revenge on any Sabbat they see, hoping to find the ones responsible.



Isadora Sjekna
Ivan Sjekna
Taco Grande
Reika Tsudeko Kuze


Grady of Brujah, Sabbat


Drake, Elder of Brujah


No known Childer



Character Inspirations

Owen Burnett from Disney's "Gargoyles"

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Quinn Mallory from "Sliders" TV Show


"In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins

"Yours Again" Red

"Carnivore" Starset

"Angel With A Shotgun" The Cab

"Not Gunna Die" Skillet


"Wait, when did Ivan get a cellphone?!" to Isadora Sjekna when told to call Ivan Sjekna.

"Words only hold enough meaning as those hearing them. It doesn't matter what your intended message is if the person listening can't receive it. This is called Politics." to Ophelia and Ivan Sjekna.

"Objective truth isn't possible. We are blinded by our perspective and experience. However, I still plan to seek it out. I have all the time in the world to never reach it." a conversation with a Follower of Set.


  • Nathan doesn't much care for his own clan because they act like morons.
  • Nathan infiltrated a Sabbat city for 5 months and laid siege to it with some Gangrel and Garou...because of a "dare".
  • Nathan learned Fortitude from Ophelia having sex with her.
  • Nathan helped an elder Gangrel slaughter a pack of Garou, just for fun.
  • Nathan was forced to side with the Sjeckna over his own clan due to powerful, hidden forces.
  • Nathan went on a Spirit Quest into the High Umbra and fought a pirate in Tortuga.
  • Nathan beat down a Sabbat pack with a book. The book was "The Essential Gandhi".
  • Nathan's wanderlust has taken him to places where he shouldn't have gone.
  • Nathan is secretly a Gangrel.
    • His friendship with the Sjekna raised many eyebrows...and not a few fists amongst the Brujah of Georgia.