Ora Primrose

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Clan Tremere
Position Archon
Status 6 +3
Domain Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Coterie Glasswalkers
Society None
Path Humanity ???
Player Jenn
Ora Primrose Baltimore 2020


Ms. Ora Primrose


Real Name:

Apparent Age: 20s

Concept: Victorian Seer

Physical description: Classic Victorian Gothic beauty dressed in flowing black garments with a distant stare and often carries a scarlet umbrella

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Resourceful (by Prince Gold)
  • Indispensable (from Count Andre)
  • Stalwart (from Prince Buck)
  • Insightful(by Calvin Butler)
  • Cherished (from Evelyn Landrake)
  • Empowered (position)
  • Feared (position)
  • Loyal (position)

Character Information

Known History

Ora arrived in Hartford mid 2016 with an influx of Tremere to the region massing to support the claim of Prince Gold. Ora was quickly elevated to the position of Primogen. She also quickly proved her worth to the Domain in regards to the battle against the Daeva. Through what can only be assumed as her potent occult mastery, she found a way to embolden the resolve of Kindred against Daeva possessions. She has served as Seneschal under Fredrick Gold before leaving briefly for the west coast to assist with clan matters. Those closer to her though have noticed a marked change in the previously fresh faced Ora. Her quiet ways seem less due to inexperience and more introspection. Ora relocated to Lewiston Auburn Maine in April of 2019 and shortly thereafter became their effective Keeper of Elysium. She has expanded her travels and her circles becoming a known face of her clan. In September 2020 Ora resigned from her position to serve Justicar Lotharius as Archon.


Is Clan Tremere a coterie?

Primogen Ora Primrose


Rosamund Elise Kingsley Deceased
Nick Clemente, Archon
Rufus Buck
Corkie Pelligrino
Jennica Sparrow


The Enemies of Clan Tremere




None Known


Only Child

Character Inspirations

Ora at the 2018 Northeast Event

The Original Ora Wright, Wall flower Tremere


Lessons ~ Echosmith



  • She is the only one allowed to touch Nick Clemente and only through secure methods
  • Trolls the internet to find victims for her garish Tremere experiments that may or may not include psychosomatic afflictions and rituals involving orphaned Malkavian blood
    • Her internet handle is CoffeeIsNotMagic
      • Without the letters O-R-A you can't spell "conspiracy", can you, Nick?
  • Has developed custom Thaumaturgy known enigmatically as "Path of Chardonnay"
  • Left Hartford to be closer to Premysl
  • Left Hartford to be closer to Virgil Deems, but not too close *gasp*
  • Left Hartford to be closer to "avocado on everything"
  • Left California to get away from Premysl
  • Returned to Hartford in time for the snow she loves
  • Ora Primrose is dead
  • Her marriage was a fake
  • She reads steamy novels about pirates
  • Ora is not the delicate flower many once took her to be.
  • Her skills in battle terrify supernaturals outside the Camarilla.