Isadora Sjekna

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 2
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Raina Wolfe

Isadora Sjekna is the Priestess of Veles.


Raina Wolfe as Isadora Sjekna

Alias(es): Isadora Sjekna

Real Name: A secret only she knows.

Apparent Age: Early to mid 20's

Concept: Protector

Physical description: Tall and strong, almost entirely inhuman looking and doesn't care.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by former Prince Ivan Sjekna of Middle GA
  • Efficient by Prince Pompeii Magnus of Griffin GA

Character Information

Isadora as she appears in the World of Darkness; Inks by Raina Wolfe

The woman who stalks the woods of Middle and southern Georgia only superficially resembles the girl she was so long ago. This woman stands a few inches taller than her original six feet even. The long hair that was once her pride is gone entirely, replaced by a full head of oil black feathers that create a truly warlike crest along the center of her head that flares with her emotions, with smaller feathers decorating the rest of the space where hair once was. Massive ram horns sprout from just behind her forehead and softly twist back and behind her head, equally oil black with a blue sheen, decorated with twisted leather, feathers and beads. Instead of human ear, soft furred wolves ears twisted out from her skull behind her jaws, midnight black in color. The bone structure of her face seems off, distinctly monstrous and inhuman - tiny pebbled scales the same iridescent blue black as her feathers edge down from her horns, around the edges of her forehead and face, and across her cheekbones, trailing the corners of her jaw and framing her eyebrows. The scales serve to accent the truly eerie nature of her eyes; they are totally gold with no whites visible, her pupils twisted into sideways ovals like a goat's. When she smiles, one can see the structure of her jaw is wrong, the muscles off - it doesn't become obvious why until she opens her mouth to begin to speak, and long snake fangs unfold from the roof of her mouth and fall down into place. When Isadora gestures as she speaks, the gloves she wears are pierced through at the tips with wickedly hooked claws. She wears old fashioned but concealing clothing, so none can tell anything else by sight. But when the night is quiet you can hear the rustle of what sounds like fabric over scales, and when her sleeves drop back there is the distinctive glimmer of iridescent blue-black.

Isadora started her life out as loud and brash, but has tempered with age - and a traumatic experience - and now she considered her words and speaks little, letting her sister do most of the talking. She spends much of her time out in the forests of Georgia, communing with nature and generally avoiding the so called "civilized" world. She makes it to Gather rarely, but when she does she seems constantly a hint amused by the goings on. Her voice is heavily accented like her sire Ivan's with her native Slavic tongue.

Her "traumatic experience" made her the talk of the town for a while. Not long after Isadora's introduction to Camarilla society, she was approached by a Tremere named Sandra - who unbeknownst to Isadora held a deep grudge against Ivan. Sandra lured the Gangrel out into a secluded area with a plea for help, and then betrayed her, staking her and carrying her off into her home. She had a plan to use her against her sire - this ultimately failed. Six years later however, rumors began to grow about how Prince Brian Faulkner was not doing his duty to the Gangrel and protecting them, for another had gone missing in his domain of Middle Georgia - and Ivan and Ophelia were able to activate a magic that allowed them to track Isadora, letting them know she was still in existence. Ivan called a Hunt, and rode to the rescue though there was somewhat of a battle. But Isadora came out of it, finally released from the box that had been her hell for six years, and she returned to the arms of her broodmates, her family, quite happily.

Isadora is known to be fiercely loyal to her family, and has recently undergone a religious conversion. But unlike her sister, Isadora will not regale you with stories if you ask about her religion. She will quietly inform you that yes, she is the Priestess of her god Veles, and that if you wish to know more you are welcome to the next ritual circle.

The past year few have seen her except in the woods - it seems she has become almost a total hermit, living in the words and erecting shrines to her god. It's possible she may even have broken ties to her brood, but no one knows for sure.

Known History

  • Born in Early 1800's
  • Came to America in 1908
  • Embraced in 1999
  • Moved to GA in 2009
  • Kidnapped and torpored in 2009
  • Rescued in 2015
  • Became Primogen of Griffin GA in 2015
  • Stepped down as Primogen in September of 2016 to walk her own path.



Nathan Rhys Arturo



  • The Fist
  • Harley Draven


Sjekna Family as of 2013
  • Great Grandsire: Bashir Faithful to his word
  • Grandsire: Irisko of the Horned Man
  • Sire: Ivan Sjekna


  • None


Character Inspirations

Circus Ringleader/Protector


  • Monster by Imagine Dragons
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Cages by Deas Vail
  • Little Sister by New Medicine
  • Missing by Evanescence
  • Like You by Evanescence
  • Falling Inside the Black by Skillet
  • Rebirthing by Skillet
  • Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
  • This Love, This Hate by Hollywood Undead
  • Whispers in the Dark by Skillet
  • My Demons by Starset
  • Lose Control by Evanescence
  • The Animal by Disturbed
  • Monster by Skillet


  • "Imejte Prisege" -Sjekna Words
  • "There should always be beauty in the world, and someone to appreciate it. Just remember that not all beauty is where you expect to find it." -Isadora to Roslyn Rosati
  • "I once held titles in the domains of Georgia. Now I walk my own path. I am the teacher of the people. I am she who glitters like the bowl of the heavens with jewels the color of the ravens wing. I am the High Priestess of Veles. I am she who they call Isadora Sjekna. So, cub. Who are you?" -Isadora to Aedon


  • Isadora was a ghoul to a Ravnos.
  • Isadora's broodmate Ophelia is actually her twin sister
    • They aren't actually twins at all, but lovers.
  • Isadora once wrestled a boar in the mud.
  • Isadora adopted a Brujah.
  • Isadora is blood bound to Sandra the Tremere.
  • There are naked pinups of Isadora out there, somewhere.
  • Ask her what the going rate for crack is.