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Clan Toreador
Position Keeper of Elysium
Status 2+1
Domain Berkeley, CA
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Sierra Berrick


Name: Blue
Alias/Human Name: Silvie Butterick

Apparent Age: 19

Concept: Vivacious yet troublesome adventure-seeking opera singer

Physical Description: Very long sheet of blonde hair, icy blue eyes, slim, pale skin, often either wears a black hooded coat and black boots or a blue cloak to informal occasions. If it's a formal occasion, she dresses to impress!

Detailed Status:
Daring - From Justicar Titus Petronius Niger
Honorable - (Keeper)

Character Information

Known History

Blue grew up in Berkeley as mortal, and when she turned 16, her family moved to the tiny town of Walnut Grove along the delta. She finished high school early and instead of college, auditioned for the Off-Broadway Tour of Phantom of the Opera. She was accepted as the understudy for Christine. On her final night with her family, there was a fire which killed her mother, father and baby brother, and burned down the house. She sustained horrible burn scars on her torso. Blue went off to Broadway and after two years, rose from understudy to the main actress of Christine. She was embraced by her Sire, Anton D'Nota, who played the Phantom opposite her and who also gave her voice training. She performed for many more years in various shows off Broadway and considered auditioning for opera productions, but soon found that she was being hunted. She fled to Europe and performed mostly in England, and a little inFrance and Italy, but still the hunter followed her. She returned to Berkeley in March of 2018, still followed by the hunter. She worked with members of the Berkeley domain to uncover the truth about the hunter, Gunther, and her Sire. She has held the position of Keeper since July of 2018 considers it an honor to serve under Prince Sunny.




John Butler
Peter Premysl
Sammy Likewise
Triple T


Anton D'Nota


Anton D'Nota




Desire by Meg Myers
Possum Kingdom by the Toadies
Music of the Night by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Love Never Dies by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Think of Me by Andrew Lloyd Webber


"Don't be an ass, Premysl."
"We could die you say? Let's do it!"
"Where's the fun without a bit of risk?"


- Is a total damsel in distress.
-Attracts trouble wherever she goes.
- Mostly doesn't like her clan.
-the boning in the corset she wears is actually long thin knives
-Wears a blood diamond ring and numerous other tracking devices.
- Her enchanting singing has only been recorded once. There are two copies, one hidden and guarded, the other donated to the charity auction at a Sacramento Party.