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Berkeley has been the home of a lot of strife in recent nights, however the citizens grow strong together. Travel to Berkeley requires advance contact be made; if one does not have a Primogen for their clan, they may contact the Harpy, Sheriff or the Seneschal to arrange hospitality. All visitors must be announced prior to entry, regardless if they are Loyal Camarilla members, or friends to the Camarilla in good standing.

Territory declared: Parts of Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Santa Clara County, and Solano County, From San Pablo To San Jose (San Jose is jointly controlled with San Francisco), and from the Bay through the Wildlife preserves of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, Tilden Regional Park, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, Redwood Regional Park, Anthony Chabot Regional Park, following the bay-side of Highways 238, 680, and 101 East; All of Contra Costa County including Walnut Creek, Pittsburg and Brentwood.



Former Princes

  • Victoria Klein (Nov 2014 - ???), Gangrel, deceased
  • Kathrin Braddock (Feb 2011 - Nov 2014), Ventrue, deceased
  • Julius Stewart, Nosferatu, deceased
  • Gideon da Vinci, Tremere, deceased
  • Alex Neidrich, Toreador, deceased
  • Jack Rogan, Ventrue, now whip of Berlin
  • Cedric DeWinter, Ventrue, deceased
  • Duane Freeman, Gangrel, joined the Sabbat
  • Michaelangelo Archadia, Tremere, now an Archon
  • Grendel, Gangrel, joined the Sabbat
  • Sir Topham Hatt, Toreador, deceased
  • Essedarius, Clan Tremere, deceased?
  • Trevor Wallace, Brujah, became a Setite
  • Javiert Witchblade, Tremere, deceased
  • Kalus Sinclair, "Clan Daimon" (AKA Tremere), deceased
  • Charles DiBardicot, Toreador, deceased
  • Lyla Mercy, Best Tremere, Founded domain by killing a ton of Sabbat, still in everybody's nightmares
  • Possibly more, because early Oakland was ... violent.

Other Kindred of Note

Known Elysia

  • The UC Berkeley Film Library
  • Berkeley Rose Garden

Prince's Edicts

  • Off limits to visitors without permission: UC Berkeley. Absolutely no feeding is allowed on Campus. Emeryville, without Prince's permission.
  • Danger Zones: Mt. Diablo, Orinda, Vallejo, Alameda & Alameda Island, The waters of the Bay between San Francisco and the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, etc.).