John Butler

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Clan Gangrel
Position Primogen
Status 4+1+1
Domain Berkeley, CA
Coterie Unknown
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Chris Breazeale


John - As portrayed
John & childe Victoria

Real Name:
John Butler
Apparent Age:
Late 20's
Broken War Vet
Physical description:
Average height and build middle American type

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Revered​ (positional)
  • Dignified (Dignitary Merit)
  • Brave
  • Ingenious by word of Prince Deems of San Francisco
  • Wise by word of Prince Sunny of Berkeley

Character Information

Known History

Came to San Francisco in the late 90's. Served under several Princes and worked closely with the then Sheriff's office. Was a noted strong supporter of Prince Simon Gael of Clan Gangrel and Robert Masters-Smithsson of Clan Brujah. Was later involved as a bodyguard and aide-de-camp to Ventrue Primogen Reginald Barkelley. After the death of Prince Robert, Primogen Barkelley claimed Praxis of the city. During his first court, the Tremere in a concerted effort, assassinated the nascent Prince and installed Prince Lake in his stead. Having barely escaped the attack, he reportedly took to the wilds for a time, as is the Gangrel way.

Reappeared in the early 2010's in Berkeley. Not long after, his childe, Victoria Klein also appeared, and were seen together frequently. In the time since he has returned, has become a citizen of San Francisco and later Primogen. His childe briefly became Prince of Berkeley, which occupied much of his time and worry for those few months, until Prince Sunny ascended. About a year into Sunny's reign, his childe was having some more serious issues with her unlife. He was seen more frequently in Berkeley after that, quite often to the detriment of his position in San Francisco. After spending so much time there, his position in San Francisco was filled by another, and he took more permanent residency in Berkeley. With the switch in residency, he took up the position of Primogen in Berkeley. He has been noted as saying that despite being the Primogen in Berkeley, with the current San Francisco Primogen no longer present, he has been looking after Gangrel affairs in that city in the meantime, though with no official duties or authority.

After the death of his childe Victoria in 2018, his interests seemed to change. He's been taking a greater interest in local Lupine affairs. Especially the sect of Lupines known as the "Black Spirals", whom are attributed to her death.




Berkeley Sheriff Steven
Prince Sunny of Berkeley


Black Spirals


Not publicly known, though there is known animosity on John's part


Publicly known: Victoria Klein



Character Inspirations

In some ways, Rambo from First Blood, but not really. Batman more recently.


Opening to Batman the Animated Series
War by Edwin Starr
Behind Blue Eyes by the Who
Hurt by Johnny Cash
One by Metallica
Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine
Rooster by Alice in Chains


"So are you telling me to not go? OR are you just saying it's a bad idea to go and you don't approve?"


  • Was a part of a group that reportedly went into the future to a post-apocalypse hellscape, and came back marked for it
  • Was briefly possessed by a spirit of rage
  • Plays a game called "guess the clan"
  • Hates Garou so much, he snorts powdered silver.