Zeke Porter

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Clan Brujah
Position Archon
Status 5+3+1
Domain Port Charlotte, FL
Coterie None
Society Josians
Path Humanity 00
Player Mike Poirier


Zeke's first attempt at a selfie

Alias(es): Zeke, Old Man

Real Name:  ???

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Concept: Stereotypical Brujah "wise" beyond his years

Physical description: A 5'6", chubby, bearded guy with glasses often seen wearing an old black denim vest with short metal spikes on the shoulders and various pins on his chest.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Rufina Hendrickson of Portland, OR
  • Adored by Prince Remi Pompeii of Griffin, GA
  • Badass by Prince Reinier Krueger of Port Charlotte, FL
  • Feared member of the Josians (Honorary)
  • Loyal as seen by Seneschal Brandt of Tampa. FL
  • Shrewd as noted by Seneschal Alonso de San Jaun of St. Augustine, FL
  • Empowered as Archon
  • Feared as Archon
  • Loyal as Archon

Character Information

Known History

He never really talks about his past, only that he's spent some time on the west coast before traveling across the country looking for some place to settle for a bit. He found himself in St. Augustine and realized it was devoid of Brujah and he's now determined to find out why and to help establish them as a dominant clan in the area once again.

Since coming to Florida Zeke has been travelling the state doing whatever he can to aid the various Domains in the area. He's spent most of his time spent away from St. Augustine in Tampa making allies and in Port Charlotte aiding in their Demon issues.


There is a handful of people he trusts enough to call a Coterie, but nothing organized enough to give a name.



Those Fucking Sabbat Fucks


Your guess is as good as his.




None that he knows of.

Character Inspirations

  • Jack from Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
  • Brujah Stereotypes



"Wait so did you pick a fight? No. So did you pick a fight? Oh so you didn't either. How about you? Oh shit! You didn't either! Well I sure as hell didn't pick a fight. And yet our buddy over here got jumped for no fucking reason. Ya'll motherfuckers broke hospitality."

"I'm trying very hard not to be a dick...please don't make me be a dick."



  • He's got a hard on for Andrew Chase and trying to figure out why he and all the other Brujah left St. Augustine.
  • Zeke has opened a professional wrestling school in St. Augustine.
  • The Prince of Lakeland, FL was once dead set on getting Zeke to become Sheriff of Lakeland.
  • Zeke is often believed to be much older than he actually is.
  • He has a thing for strong Ventrue women