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The Court of Port Charlotte, FL


  • Prince: Edward Sykes, Ventrue; since February 2018
  • Seneschal: Robert Stigman, Ventrue; since May 2018
  • Harpy: Annabelle Lee, Ventrue; since May 2018
    • Lesser Harpies: Unnamed
  • Sheriff: Mr. Williams; since May 2018
    • Deputies: Unnamed
  • Keeper: Ruddy Ricketts, Toreador; since May 2018
    • Stewards: Unnamed
  • Scourge: Unnamed

Uncommon Positions

  • Consul: Vacant

Primogen & Voices of their Clans

  • Brujah: None in Residence
  • Children of Haqim: None in Residence
  • Gangrel: None in Residence
  • Malkavian: None in Residence
  • Nosferatu: Primogen "Hippo"; since May 2018
  • Toreador: Primogen Leilani Ricketts; since March 2018
  • Tremere: None in Residence
  • Ventrue: Robert Stigman (Voice)

Domain Information

Former Princes

Known Elysia

  • The Blue Lagoon

Requesting Hospitality

Domain History

Domain Rumors

  • Domain may still have infernalists in it
  • Domain is severely underpopulated
  • Domain is a great place for upstarting kindred to make a name for themselves in the Camarilla
  • Domain is surrounded by Non-Camarilla threats
  • Local Giovanni population outnumbers those of the Camarilla residents in the Domain

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