Dakota Eischeid

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Clan Brujah
Position Inactive
Status 3+2
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 000
Player Thomas Metcalfe


Two sides of the same coin


Real Name: Dakota Eischeid

Apparent Age: College age, early 20s

Concept: Hipster anarchist

Physical description: Ginger haired white male of average to light build. Usually clad in plaid or ironic t shirt, dark glasses, black jeans, and a jacket or vest with newsboy cap. Carries a chain or concealed melee weapon, with pullover nearby with mask to change when needed.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged (some NPC Prince from up North)
  • Honorable (Primogen Zeke Porter)
  • Loyal (Seneschal Craig Forest)
  • Valorous (Ivory Legion)
  • Dignified (Dignitary of the Camarilla)

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Dakota is a fairly recently Embraced Millennial who has been drawn into the world of Social Justice. He seems himself as a Warrior for the rights of the kine and the Camarilla as an excellent example of pure socialism in action, a global force that can be used for good. The Sabbat are behind the alt-right, as in the example of getting Trump elected, and are behind the evil, racism, and inequality that pervade the world. The Camarilla preach the Masquerade, being Anonymous. Through both means, the world and its tyrannical forces can be brought down.

Current Activities: Dakota can be seen most often leading protest marches or demonstrations within the city while he's not helping the city or fighting the Rebellion.

Within the Camarilla, he has a particular soft spot for the Anarch Movement, and his Brothers and Sisters within it. He has been seen sympathizing with their cause, as they have many ideas that he shares--they only lack the organization that the Camarilla provides. Nonetheless, his Loyal Opposition beliefs and skill with negotiating with them have earned him some respect within the Camarilla to keep peace between both groups.

Obvious Merit & Flaw Details and Background Info: Dakota seems to have a Dynamic Personality and charisma that attracts many mortal followers and an Enchanting Voice that few seem to resist. He seems to have an obvious Hatred of religious institutions and followers, blaming them for mass atrocities and ills in the world. While quick to a fight, sometimes he is Slow to recover from any particularly brutal battles.

He has earned a measure of Fame around the area as a known Activist, with Influence strongest among the traditional Brujah spheres.







Not publicly known


None known



Character Inspirations

White people, current events


"Oh Love" - Green Day


"Let's just tell the Seneschal. Basically same as the Prince, right?"


  • He gets really pissed and prone to frenzy around those with extravagant wealth.
  • Even though he looks and acts like an obvious Individualist, he sees himself as an Iconoclast.
  • Dakota has a way with the lady Brujah.
  • Dakota is a master Not So Mini Golf Champion.