Ryah Massoud

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Clan Assamite
Position Archon
Status 6+2+3=11
Domain Parahyba, Brazil
Coterie none
Society Josians
Path Humanity 0000
Player Graciema


Ryah Massoud

Alias(es): None

Real Name: None

Apparent Age: 35 Years

Concept: A poet demon hunter

Physical description:

Ryah is a medium heigth woman that usually wears simple dark clothes, a long sleeve tunic and pants or a black abbaya Her hair and part of her face is covered by a veil, reveling attentive hazelnut eyes and white skin. Her appearent age is around earlly thirties, and she is usually a shy, quiet person, who speaks on a low voice.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Mustapha, Prince of Istambul

Trustworthy by Lucas Bonfim, Prince of Ouro Preto

Wise by Tatjana Krajinik, Sovereign Prince of Savannah

Panacean by Stanford Warwick, Justicar Nosferatu

Steadfast by Lark, former Prince of CIET

Well conected by Tegyrius, Former prince of Dubai

Dignified as Dignatary of Camarilla

Feared as Josian Arbiter

Empowered as Archon of Justicar Warwick

Feared as Archon of Justicar Warwick

Loyal as Archon of Justicar Warwick

Assamite Only:

Ustath Kamil, Dragon, Hell Diver, Weathered, Brand of Ur Shulgi

Known History

Ryah is a discrete kindred. She had come to Brazil in 2014, first dwelling in Joao Pessoa Domain. She had moved to Natal, to live under Prince Armorieri’s rule, and when the tensions between Tremere and Children of Haqim arised with the Conclaved she moved again to Ouro Preto, where the Prince, Lucas Bonfim is a known ally of her Clan.A few months later she become his senescal and hold the position untill she had became Warwick’s archon at the end of 2020. Of Persian descente, she seem to be a bit old and have some trouble with moderm technology. Uncommon for a woman of her time, she was highly educated and had many years of experience as a doctor on the Red Crescent. A Seer and sensitive before her embrace, she was an specialist of Spirits untill the Year of Fire, the powers of her Blood helping her to become a sucessfull demon Hunter. When the Josians came into open, she joined it’s ranks and now days is an Arbiter, even with inicial restrictions for her Clan. In person she is a kind, calm soul, who values her privacy, lives a modest live, is a devoted Muslim and very humane. These traits makes her often understimated as spineless, wich she is not. The recurrence of this ocasions amused her. Married to Dawood Marwan for some time by now, before the somewhat troubled begining due to the rivalry of the lineages, they are deply devoted to each other and often work together as Josians.




Lucas Bonfim


Che Valiente


Nathan White

Alef Lockustus

Shay Salerno

Andre Brassi

Gary Kowalesky

Sophie de La Vega

Alisson Davis

Hughes de Saint-Omer


besides infernal beings, none that she knows.


Rishi Massoud




Razi Massoud
Rue Massoud
Roland Massoud

Character Inspirations

Rumi and Rab’bia poems


Ages Past, Ages Hence Loreena McKennitt

Cello Suit n 5, Bach

Lur/Lak Songs

Ya Allah Suhel Rais Khan

Bruno Mars: Locked out of heaven

Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize

The Absence of You – Tim Minchin


" If someone desserves the Wise status, it’s her" - Archon Hughes de Saint-Omer

"A Marwan? Why? There were no Baali around?" – Her broodmate Roland when learned she had married Dawood.

“I am giving you what you had offered to me” - Ryah Massoud

“I need to stop hanging out with you I am starting to understand"


- Ryah stays in the corners of the rooms not out of shyness but to listen in to what others are discussing without being obvious about it

- Ryah is rumored to have gone on a particularly steamy getaway to East Africa with the Sheriff of Stamford, CT.

- Ryah is rumored to have a personal vendetta with a power demon that has committed horrors in the city of Ouro Preto that is only known as "The Man in Black."

- Ryan is rumored to sneak off into the woods with members of her clan to play the harp while dressed as Princess Zelda.

- Ryah and Achmed are now great friends.

- She has the reputation of making legendary wards.

- Someday she will snap and kill Arthram Cockcroft

- She is too polite to openly tell people she hates them, so there are some unfortunatelly souls around that had not picked her hints and swear by her good will.

- She and Sophie de La Vega are lovers

- She and Shay Salerno are lovers

- She and Che Valiente are lovers

- Many Assamites think twice about doing something for not risking her displeasure

- In private meetings, she threatens people with knives and howls at the moon.

- Rumor has it that she beats up her husband because of her rage issues.

- Rumor has it that considers "Tremere" to be a misproninciation of Baali.

- Kicking people’s shin is actually I signo f deep affection for her.

- Ryah assaults Che with a broom when he gets too hot.