Michaelangelo Archadia

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Clan Tremere
Position Archon
Status 5+3
Domain Unknown
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Stephen G.


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Archadia, Micha?

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Concept: New World Elder with Old World Ancilla views

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Archadia first appeared in the annals of the Harpy of London on July 2, 1685 when Prince Mithras granted him Acknowledgment into the Camarilla. Soon after his name appears a few times associated with the city of Vienna, mainly in regards to being seen and not heard. In the early 1700's Harpy reports would place him as a Whip of Clan Tremere in Cairo for a few months, but this is not easily verified. He again drops out of sight until 1754 when a "nobleman" with the name Micah Archadia books passage from France to the North American Colonies. He apparently does not embark with the ship, soon after the French Indian War begins. An M. Archadia arrives in Dallas 3 years after the American Civil War concludes. Michaelangelo Archadia becomes Primogen of Clan Tremere in Oakland California in October of 2002. He becomes Senechal of Oakland in May of 2004 and then Prince of Oakland in 2005. He is killed by Lupines 6 months later. A year and a day later he wanders into an Oakland gathering, dirty, disheveled and confused. His Clanmates whisk him away immediately. A month later he returns, content to explain his disappearance to any who ask, but never giving the same exact answer, save where he claims it was for the good of his Domain and that of the Traditions that he allowed himself to be destroyed in the first place. He becomes Scourge of Oakland. The Toreador Alex Neidrich takes control of Oakland and Archadia is elevated to Senechal. He is given Personal Domain over UC Berkeley's main campus with a one block buffer. Alex Neidrich is destroyed by the Tremere Gideon Da Vinci, Gangrel Shanghai Kelley and Nosferatu Maxwell Trent. Archadia moves to San Francisco. He is recruited by Prince Jackson Riley of Sacramento to become his Senechal a few months later. Archadia holds that post for nearly a year until he returns to San Francisco after the death of Daniel Book and becomes Sheriff of San Francisco for a brief 2 months before becoming Archon to the Tremere.

He claims a lot of first hand knowledge surrounding many events that have sculpted the Domains of Northern California, yet he never seems to show an active hand in their climactic results.



Daniel Book (Deceased)
Jackson Riley
Peter Premysl
Elias Beecher
Michael Crison
Elliot Maxwell
Winston Warchild
Elissa Maxwell
Liam Dunsern


Daniel Book (Deceased)




Character Inspirations



I do not fear death...I know what happens when one dies, however, what happens next is still uncertain to me.
Technically all Kindred are female...well technically we are more like a virus.
In Europe things did not work like this, I question the sanity of the Colonies' Kindred.


Has been accused of being Infernal (seems like a tremere theme don't it?)
Made a Prince of the Camarilla vomit blood in front of his entire Court, and was awarded status for it by the same Prince.
Is the most potent necromancer on the West Coast.
Knows everything that goes on on the UC Berkeley Campus.
Has no clue what happens on the UC Berkeley Campus.
Is deathly afraid of the lupines.
His political view are very conservative and Old World.
Claims he once held the title of Earl.
Is a setite apostate.
Is secretly compassionate.