Michael Crison

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Clan Samedi
Position Archon
Status 5+3+2
Domain San Fransisco, CA
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Not Humanity 0000
Player Paul Riggs


Alias(es): None.

Real Name: Wouldn't you like to know?

Apparent Age: Mid-twenties with mask up.

Concept: What if Dexter was embraced Samedi?

Physical description:

Michael stands at 4'2". He gives off an inhumane aura. When not interacting with others, he stands stock still; he doesn't fidget, or breath, or blink. His voice is rather enchanting and he can often be found wearing very average clothes under an incredibly well made black coat. Top hat optional.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Benedic, Prince of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Adored by Prince Brian Fisher of Santa Rosa
  • Victorius by Justicar Stanford Warwick
  • Invaluable by Prince Virgil Deems of San Francisco
  • Loyal by Prince Gray of Santa Rosa
  • Loyal as Archon to Stanford Warwick
  • Feared as Archon to Stanford Warwick
  • Empowered as Archon to Stanford Warwick
  • Luminary and Dignified

Character Information

Known History

Born and embraced in Haiti in the early 1900s. Came to America in the 50s and gained his acknowledgement some 10 years later. Michael has served as Scourge in a number of California domains, then Sheriff, and has been an Archon to the Nosferatu for the past several years.


Team Samedi Team Nosferatu


  • Baron Samedi
  • Stanford Warwick
  • Saskia Detrich
  • She that Burns as the Sun
  • Virgil Deems
  • Saldana DiGrassi
  • Pitbull


  • Baron Samedi


No one knows


None known




  • He is a high ranking Necromancer
  • He eats babies.
  • He IS a baby.
  • He never wears shoes