Augusta Landrake

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Clan Toreador
Position Primogen
Status 2+1
Domain Athens, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Lane



Alias(es): Aggie, Star, Lois, Black Aggie

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Concept: Augusta is a country club socialite, Master Landscape Architect, and member of the "Garden & Gun" set, who keeps busy promoting the New South while maintaining her antebellum manners.

Physical description: Augusta is a tall, curvy brunette with smooth, fair skin and a few strands of premature silver in her dark hair. She has stunningly pale eyes and a broad mouth that is almost always curled into a smile. At court and in the (country) club she favors twinsets, sundresses, and Lilly Pulitzer prints. If she's running around town she can often be found in seersucker shorts, one of her husband's Southern Proper shirts, and with her hair pulled into a ponytail in the back of a monogrammed ball cap. And yes, those are her mother's pearls.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Asher Sinclaire, former Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Valuable by Seth, former Prince of Athens, Georgia
  • Revered as Primogen of Clan Toreador, Athens, Georgia

Character Information

Known History

Augusta traveled through Europe while under the accounting of Lennox Landrake for several years during the late 1860s. She was Acknowledged in the 1930s in Savannah, Georgia. Over the last two centuries, she and her husband have occasionally spent time in New Orleans, Charleston, Georgetown, and Birmingham, but they have largely been uninvolved in kindred society.




Lennox Landrake
Evelyn Landrake
Aaron Beckett



Lennox Landrake



Character Inspirations

Julia Sugarbaker
Rhett Butler
Agent Peggy Carter of SHIELD



"Lennox Landrake, are you drunk?"

"Bless your heart."

"Jesus drank wine."

"Lennox, where'd I put my pocketbook?"

Lennox: "Where's that fella at? That retarded boy?"
Augusta: "Honey, you can't call them that anymore..."


Mrs. Landrake
  • Founded the exclusive "Three O'Clocks Bridge Club" organization.
  • Her favorite movies are "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Lady and the Tramp."
  • Is a master gardener with decades of experience.
  • Owns a vintage 1953 Jaguar C type that she named "Lady."
  • Augusta is a very talented landscape architect and gardener who has designed and planted formal gardens throughout the southeast.
  • Has a seventeen-inch waist, the smallest in three counties...
  • Was a founding member of the Junior League in Georgetown, South Carolina.
  • During the civil war, Augusta took over her husband's fleet of ships after his death. The captains under her command confounded the Yankee naval forces for months, slipping past their blockade to supply the Confederates.
    • Her days as a widowed smuggler earned her the nickname "Black Aggie."
    • During Prohibition she continued her illegal activities - this time importing liquor.