Asa McGlinchey

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Clan Ventrue
Position Lesser Harpy
Status 3
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Cyril L.


None (that he’s aware of)

Real Name: Not publically known

Apparent Age: Mid-to-late 20s

Concept: Blue-collar Manager

Physical description: Dark brown hair and eyes. Slightly overweight in build, average height. Tends to wear business casual clothing (button-up shirts, khakis, etc.) in reds/whites/blues (the color of the Dutch flag, in honor of his sire), but is known on occasion to dress more casually (jeans, graphic t-shirts, flannel, etc.) while not on the job or at formal court sessions.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

While much of Asa’s life is not public knowledge, he has given some insight as to his experiences. He was born in New York around the late 1800s, and at some point during his early adulthood he moved to Cuba, where Asa became a bank manager in Havana. Asa threw large, lavish parties for American vacationers and expatriates. It was around this time that he was embraced by James Holand. When the Communists took over the country in the 1950s, Asa escaped back to America on a refugee boat. The only thing before his reintroduction to Kindred society in the 2010s that he admitted to was that the 90s were a “blur” to him.

Asa moved to Auburn, Maine in February of 2016. He quickly became part of Sovereign Prince Alexander Keefe’s Primogen Council, as well as acting as a liaison between that court and the Domain of Portland, Maine. In the fall of that year, Asa was requested to become the Harpy of Portland, after the previous harpy became unable to fulfil the role. Asa accepted, and moved out of Auburn. A few months later when the old harpy was able to continue his duties, Asa willingly stepped down from the position and became a lesser harpy.


  • None



Asa has no enemies that he is aware of, beyond the enemies of the Camarilla at large.



None publically known



Character Inspirations





“I once heard, during my stay in Cuba way back when, of a [Ventrue] from Argentina who took over a regional grocery store chain through the uses of Dominate, Presence, and Obfuscate. Let's just say that it was incredibly shortsighted of him and ended rather predictably after the charade was broken... though I heard that a small group of kine worship his foot as part of a shrine to San La Muerte. I'm not sure if it was just a cautionary tale my sire told me during my accounting, but it's certainly left an impression on me.”

"Such is the life of a Camarilla Catholic; it's always a hassle just to make it to mass when you have to wade through the Sabbat, hunters, and faith-wizards.”

“I’ve been to the Shadowlands, seen a fairy literally hugged to death, and been in a room with a woman who brightened the place with holy illumination radiating from her person. This, frankly, is an average Tuesday for me.”