"Razor" Eddie Ogle - Deceased

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Clan Brujah
Position Seneschal
Status 3+2
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Leigh Anne (LA)

This Character is deceased.


"Razor" Eddie
LA in costume

"Razor" Eddie, Eddie Ogle

Real Name: Edwina Oglesby

Apparent Age: 21

Concept: Punk rock goddess with a straight razor.

Physical description:Eddie is 5'10", with short black hair, usually worn in some punk fashion. She's known for her sense of fashion (or lack thereof, to some), wearing outragious punk outfits that usually match. In winter months, she's known for her black leather trench.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by by Marshall Rolands, Prince of Manchester, England
Dedicated by Bianca Rambaldi, Prince of Philadelphia
Diplomatic by Adrian Florent, Prince of Baltimore
Cherished by Position
Esteemed by Position

Character Information

Known History

Eddie appeared in Baltimore on June , 2010, having just arrived from across the pond, in jolly old England. Hailing from Manchester, she claims the scene there was stale and she needed a change of pace. She and her band, Strangefellows, have been playing the local club scene ever since, and their fame is starting to grow. She is bold, loud, and never hesitates to speak her mind, something that suited her well as Primogen. She was then asked to serve as Seneschal to Prince Adrian Florent of Baltimore, which she accepted. After a few months in the spotlight, she chose not to pursue Praxis herself once Florent went missing, instead abdicating the throne on Florent's behalf in a private and (mostly) peaceful meeting. After disappearing from the public eye for about a month, she resurfaced in Annapolis, where she took over the position of Seneschal when Rook took Praxis. She is often seen wading into combat weilding two straight razors; her namesake, no doubt.




Lucas Morgan
Johnny "Spades" Malone
Alicia Knight
Claire Deems
Fiona MacGregor
Liam MacGregor (Deceased)
Gwen Picton
Rishi Massoud
Sam Clarke (Deceased)


Marshall Knight
Most Anarchs


Melisande Parker (NPC)


None, but two ghouls make up the rest of her band: "Suzie Shooter" and "Ms. Fate".



Character Inspirations

Fictional: "Razor" Eddie, Punk god of the straight razor from Simon R. Green's Nightside series. Real: Joan Jett, The Go-Go's, Bananarama.


What I Did For Love
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Nobody Does it Better
My Boyfriend's Back
Save the Best For Last
Science Fiction Double Feature



She is frequently seen in the company of Johnny "Spades" Malone, leading many to believe the two are involved romantically.
Some say she must have suicidal tendancies for accepting the position of Seneschal under Prince Florent.
She's lost her edge and has gone soft. She even wears a damn peace symbol necklace now!
She's infernal! Her razors were recently seen lit with green flame in Philadelphia.
She's not infernal! Why else would that infernalist have attacked her in Annapolis?