Edward "Eddie" Lincoln

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Clan Ventrue
Position Primogen
Status 6+1+1
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie Illusions of Grandeur
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Bill J



Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Terrified Neonate/Indy Rocker

Physical description: 5'10, short brown hair, green eyes

Detailed Status:
Well-Connected by (former) Prince Zenobia Krzyzewski of Cedar Rapids
Just by (former) Prince Isaiah of Cedar Rapids
Praised by (former) Primogen Robert Wallace of Cedar Rapids
Honorable by (former) Prince Lena! of Cedar Rapids
Dedicated by (former) Prince Vincent Coronellie of Cedar Rapids
Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla
Revered by Position

Character Information

Known History

Eddie met up with the rest of the all-Kindred band Illusions of Grandeur during their stop in his home domain of Trenton, New Jersey. When they left town, he joined them as they traveled to Iowa to meet up with JR Lake, the sire of lead singer Cricket Marriot. The band decided to settle in Cedar Rapids for a time, in order to record an album and plan their next tour. Their album, Anarcadia, was released on a small-scale to solid reviews.

During their stay in Iowa, Illusions of Grandeur was rocked with internal divisions related to the local political landscape, and lead guitarist Saffron Colocott was murdered by Zio! of Clan Brujah. The band split up soon after, with the Brujah members leaving the area. Eddie remained, deciding to finally put his MBA to use by starting Lincoln Industries, a body armor manufacturer.

Over the next couple of years, Eddie joined another all-Kindred band, Epic Love Riot. Consisting of Eddie Lincoln (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Cricket Mariott (Lead Vocals, Keyboard), Lucas Nevermore (Bass), and the drummer known only as Isaiah. Their self-titled debut album achieved modest success, but the band hasn't performed in several years and is presumed to be defunct. Eddie has expressed interest in other musical endeavors, but has yet to find the right group.

In mortal circles, Eddie has achieved some fame due to his indie rock career. Lincoln Industries, his body armor company, has also been gaining popularity among Law Enforcment Agencies in the Midwest and private consumers.


Illusions of Grandeur


Cricket Mariott
Ike Haggard
JR Lake (Deceased)
Kieran O'Rian (AKA Cowbell)
Kordell Steiner
Louise Hopkins
Murray x (Deceased)
Revant d'Etalis
Saffron Colocott-Lake (Deceased)
Zenobia Krzyzewski


Zio! (Deceased)






Revant d'Etalis

Character Inspirations


"Degausser" by Brand New
"Load Me Up" by the Matthew Good Band
"Black Friday Rule" by Flogging Molly
"(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring
"Indestructible" by the Matthew Good Band
"Try Honesty" by Billy Talent


"Eddie? Don't mess with that kid. Behind the cute neonate facade is an Elder waiting to happen. He'll be alive after all of us are dead." -Murray X


Has DM'ed a D&D campaign for other Kindred.
Has recently become indestructible.
Was considered to be completely non-threatening by John Ragner.
Was crushed by the death of Zio!. Not because they were close, but because he was denied the opportunity to kill Zio! himself.
Supplies the majority of Iowa with body armor.
Has been poking around in Columbus, Ohio