Chastity Fairchilde

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Clan Assamite
Position Primogen
Status 3+1
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None, it's against Justicarial edict.
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Tania Lakey


Chastity Fairchilde MacPherson

Real Name: Chastity Fairchilde

Apparent Age: mid 20s

Concept: IRA librarian

Physical description: Chastity is about 5'2 and tends on the lean side. She is athletic and confident. She has red hair and light freckles.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by former Prince, current Archon Hugo Valentine (Tremere) of Columbus, Ohio
Adored by then-Seneschal Eric Kein (Ventrue) of Columbus, OH
Dutiful by former Prince Bradley Lazarion (Tremere) of Columbus, OH
Revered as Primogen of Columbus, OH

Character Information

Known History

Chastity grew up outside of Dublin and attended University in the city. She was quickly swept up by city life and eventually failed out of her University studies. It was only by way of her father's significant contributions to the Catholic Church that she was able to attend and thrive in Catholic schools. When she was approximately 16, she met revolutionaries from the IRA and quickly supported them in the freedom of Ireland. It is unknown if it were the movement or an individual that inspired her, as she never seemed to have the heart to harm anyone and mostly starting working in an administrative capacity including donation solicitations. She was away from her school more often than she was there and once again risked being released from the program. Fortunately, Chastity had been accepted at Cambridge in England for her further studies. The school was reluctant to release her and her tuition. She passed without difficulty and went on to study in England. This made her family very happy and her very angry. The first years of University were spent studying too hard to contemplate England's role in subjugating peoples of the world until she realized she could major in it. She became fascinated by the people that England, Spain, France and other European countries had subjugated over the years dating back to before there was an England. She somehow felt that studying these people and these places gave them a voice. She began to learn languages of dead cultures, which proved rather useless. She also studied Anthropology, Sociology and Archaeology eventually moving on to earning her doctorate. Through the University of Cambridge she was able to secure her spot on several archaeological digs across the world and spent many years traveling, studying and interpreting artifacts that were uncovered. In 2005, however, she found herself again at odds with the University when they did not agree with her theories that they were not only related to but direct descendants of Sumerian cultures. They dismissed her and she went to the United States where people could speak freely, or so she was told. She secured a position with the Museum of History and Science in Santa Ana Texas and shortly after moved to an art museum in Columbus Ohio to act as it's curator.

While acting art curator in Columbus Ohio, the gallery that she was attending had been attacked. She still doesn't know who it was however, they were obviously devil worshipers. They beat her after tying her down to a sacrificial altar. They began to remove her heart while chanting and she passed out. A little while later, she woke up in a basement surrounded by books. She spent the better part of a year in this basement reading everything she could about her new condition. She wrote 4 academic papers during this time. The first was on the benefits of the Vampiric conditions to understanding Southwestern natives. The second was on the Laws of the Camarilla, prestation and those who looked beyond them. The third was titled "Sire's Resentment; Case Studies in the Sire/Childe relationship." Her final paper was on the Accounting and other traditions where she went on to extrapolate that there was no "best tradition" as they all work together to create order. She was presented to former Prince, current Archon Hugo Valentine for acknowledgment by James MacPhereson, as he was the only other member of her clan in the city to speak for her.

Since becoming acknowledged, Chastity has made poor friend choices finding the company of Giovanni and Setites to be as entertaining as any other clan. She has quickly risen to Primogen in Columbus Ohio and is occasionally sought out for her interpretation abilities or her uncanny ability to maintain a positive outlook regardless of circumstances.


Chastity would never be a part of a named Coterie due to Justicarial edict. She thinks in this instance that the Justicars have reason to be leery and will avoid unnamed coteries as well. She however does have some friends.


James MacPherson
Michael Kein
Vanessa Morgan
Christopher Chicano
Trey MacArthur
As well as anyone else who is good.


"Enemy is such a strong word. I don't think I like it, and I certainly don't have any. "


Unknown although there are rumors...




None known.

Character Inspirations

Rachel Wiess from "The Mummy"



"If you will love to see me fall, Miss Giovanni, I promise that you will be disappointed. The Camarilla will not drag me down but I will be a shining example of it. The people will not drag me down but by my influence may lift it to greatness. You will not see me fall."

Carlos: Oh! You're primogen and a researcher. You are also Vizier?" Chastity: Oh No! I light things on fire. I can see where you might thing that though.

"If you go near him with the power of your evil thing, I swear I will set you both on fire right here." Said to Trey MacArthur on the idea of using Path of Mars on a childe she was watching over.


  • Chastity may be the childe of James MacPherson. He presented her for acknowledgment although he may just have a soft spot for nice Irish girls in the IRA.
  • Chastity was the subject of an infernal ritual and was embraced by some one performing it. It is unknown if she is also infernal.
  • Chastity was never popular and as a vampire she constantly seeks acceptance.
  • Chastity pays a service to send her for gatherings because she does not trust her own fashion sense.
  • Chastity is a Setite, since she seems to be such good friends with them.
  • She does not understand Justicarial edicts regarding coteries.
  • Chastity hates political responsibility.
  • She is using mind control magic that James MacPherson taught her to exert strong influences over Prince Christopher Chicano.