Eric Kein

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Clan Ventrue
Position Prince
Status 10
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie Team Evil
Society ???
Path Humanity O
Player Shaun Bailey


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Alias(es): The Gardener

Real Name: Eric Kein

Apparent Age: Mid 20's

Concept: Standard yes-man coupled with years of crippling Camarilla service, have completely molded his original concept to that of a Fanatic Visionary.

Physical description: Kein bears a very serious Demeanor at all times and coupled with angular features articulating an average build, his mere presence resonates subtle power.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged, Exalted, Famous, Feared, Forthright, Loyal, Valiant, Vigilant, Well-Known, Distinguished

Character Information

Known History

Served under Warlord/Prince Karsh as one of his Primogen.
Served under former Prince Valentine in various positions, the longest of which was as his Sheriff for nearly 3 years.
Has been a Servire to Lotharius under Archon Valentine until his recent Praxis.


Team Evil


Hugo Valentine
Eli Manfred
Lance Richards
William Donesty
Sir Reginald Lordscroft III
Kit Dillon
Malcom Durrett
Kyle Butler


The Sabbat
Most Nosferatu
Most Malkavians


Victor Borg


Michael Kein (deceased)
Alan Kein


Vincent Bicman

Character Inspirations

Mark Bailey
Doug Forup(minus all sarcasm and humor)
Ip Man




"You are a living extension of your Father, and his father before. The expectations laid before you are older than even the Camarilla herself."


Is Bloodbound to Hugo Valentine
Is a Necromancer
Is Infernal
Is a serial Diablerist
Is not actually a Ventrue, and has been excommunicated from the Clan
Assisted in the death of Daniel Nottingham
Has been to Hell itself
Diablerized Donovan Lewis
Murdered Kate Davidson for inquiring about the death of Lewis
Has personally destroyed over 8 sitting Princes
Is one of the major causes to the downfall of Clan Brujah in Ohio
Plans on capturing and destroying Narbe as soon as he resurfaces
He fears the Brujah and lets them get away with murder.