Zak DuCard

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Clan Malkavian
Position ???
Status 4
Domain Northern Virginia
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Marty


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Real Name: ???

Apparent Age: early to mid 30's

Concept: Time travelling super soldier with a bad attitude

Physical description: Zak has dark hair and can normally be seen wearing his "DeceptiCobra" track jacket and either a backpack or green book bag

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Something, Something else, and Knight of Marble?

Character Information

Known History

Zak claims to have taken part in the Vietnam War in various infantry capacities... He also claims to have fought in many wars since then as some sort of black ops soldier. Certain things that cannot be denied, however, are that Zak normally turns to violence as either a first or second option to resolving conflict, and that Zak is extremely skilled with computers and electronic devices. He claims that his proficiency with electronics is a result of his work with the military; furthermore, he claims that had he not been drafted into the Vietnam War, he would have gone on to become one of the most brilliant scientists that the world has ever seen.

Despite these setbacks to his brilliance, Zak DuCard has recently established MartyTEK to fulfill his dream of becoming a billionaire industrialist. MartyTEK has cornered the market on a variety high tech industries, and, according to Zak, has ambitious plans for the future. MartyTEK: Fourth Wall Technologies.

After several years of being relatively restive, living in Northern California, Southern California, and now the Mid-Atlantic, Zak has decided to put down his roots in his most current region: the Mid-Atlantic. He claims that being so close to Washington DC makes it easy for MartyTEK to get more government contracts, thus increasing his wealth and power.

Zak's MO tends to be using his advanced technology to do what others cannot; this is especially so when he uses statistical methods to locate objects and people.


Elliot Maxwell

Uncle Remus

Joe Barclay

Brer Bear

Ethan Nuemann

Alexander Worthington

Mark Richardson

Katy McGovern

Peter Premysl

Collete Green

Lucas Morgan

Mattias Roman

"Izzy" Clayborne


Zak's list of enemies has diminished for some reason... he just stopped caring about them and wanted instead to focus on being a billionaire industrialist

...but those damn dirty Oriental Vampires...


JJ DuCard





Character Inspirations

Doc Brown, the Predator, GI Joe, Apocalypse Now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Fallout 2


For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Metallica

When the Levee Breaks, by Led Zeppelin

Fortunate Son, by CCR

London Calling, by the Clash


"Giant rats the size of people?!?!?! I dont have enough buckshot for all this bullshit!!!"

"All you have to do is re-route the continuum frequency to the COMMON frequency and you'll get the sum total of the variables that are affecting the growth of the central tendency. Then you jack that in to the resistor right here, and you will be able to determine which values you want according to the current data available. Got it?

OK, so are you just messing with me or did that actually make sense?

I'm just messing with you, but it sounded cool, right?"

"And then, once I find Jesse Clayborne, I will be able to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he, in fact, does not exist!"


Zak builds superconductors...

Zak is a superconductor...

Zak uses powers of the blood without knowing it...

Zak misappropriates his corporation's money and resources...

Zak has traveled through time...

Zak has hacked the Pentagon, the Vatican, and Interpol...

Zak is Theo Bell's biggest fanboy...

Zak does not have an actual company and is not a billionaire industrialist... he is just a crazy person who probably believes these things...

Zak's whole deal is that he just misheard someone when they said "You're bats, man"...