Arthas Mansiano

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 1+1
Domain New Orleans, LA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Arthas


Alias(es): Artax, Arthas Mansiano

Real Name: Mr. Mansiano

Apparent Age: 27

Concept: This is what happens when you are bored one night.

Physical description: Around 6'0", with average looks.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Mr. Mansiano originated from Europe. Unfortunately, not much else is known.

Known History

Mr. Mansiano's mouth has been known to get him in trouble on many occasions, and his temper has been known to get the best of him. Mr. Mansiano has been known to attempt to resolve conflicts through diplomacy and politics, rather than brutal force, but unfortunately, most times brutal force just wins out.

Lately, he has been trying to resolve the long standing feud between Prince Mandeville and the Brujah clan of New Orleans, but only time will ultimately tell if the feud is resolved.


Mr. Mansiano has no public coterie.



Half of clan Brujah for one reason or another.


Not publicly known.


  • There's a rumor of him siring along the way some where floating about.



  • 25 to Life - Eminem
  • Monster - Skillet


  • "You can either sit down and talk to me now, or we can play Anarch yo-yo all night until you decide to." - Mr. Mansiano when talking with a stubborn Anarch over the finer points of society.
  • "Come get some!"


  • Mr. Mansiano has broken at least one door at every Elysium site.
  • Mr. Mansiano once wore Marquis Summers's dress to infiltrate and destroy some infernalists.
  • Arthas Mansiano is incapable of learning from past mistakes and cursed to repeat them, publicly and often.
  • Has been in the custody of another Brujah for a long time now, forced to watch reruns of horrible children's show.