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Former Princes of Buffalo

  • Broken Sword of clan Gangrel
  • Jacob Black of clan Ventrue
  • Insert weird power struggle here
  • Anton Sophys of clan Ventrue
  • Insert weird power struggle here
  • Mr. Thaumarian of clan Malkavian, ex-Prince, whereabouts unknown
  • Warren J. Peace of clan Ventrue, ex-Prince three times. Believed to be deceased, Returned to Buffalo March 2012
  • Sebastian Andolini of clan Ventrue, ex-Prince three times over, Diablerist, Bloodhunted. Now Baron of Rochester?
  • Victor Valentine of clan Brujah, ex-Prince, Murdered by Joseph Daniel Gabriel
  • Anton Sophys of clan Ventrue, ex-Prince, former Archon in early 1900s, died in the "High Hat Incident"
  • Alex Mancusso of clan Nosferatu, (deceased)
  • Corey Ashford Buchanan of clan Brujah, ex-Prince, recently returned, now an Anarch
  • Sachin of clan Tremere, ex-Prince, recently returned from a prolonged disappearance. Again deposed
  • Insert weird power struggle here
  • Eddie Carlson of Clan Gangrel
  • Sean O'Connor, Ventrue
  • Moira O'Neil, Toreador
  • Eddie Carlson, Gangrel ...again. Bloodhunted
  • Warren J. Peace, Ventrue, back in Praxis, assassinated by Ashe, a Ravnos under his accounting.
  • Edward II, Gangrel, held it for a couple hours at least.
  • HR Rick Solomon, Tremere, long time Seneschal, assassinated by the Technocracy
  • Grover Huf, Ventrue

Prince's Edicts


City Rumors

  • The Caitiff in this town seem a little too chummy
  • Eddie Carlson, creative in his punishments or obvious nutter? Paging Dr. Lecter...
  • It's only a matter of time before Julius Cole claims Praxis here.
  • Princes don't last long in this domain, take praxis at your own risk.
  • Buffalo; where a bloodhunt is how the local princes say hello!

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