Wallace Trent

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Servire
Status 2
Domain Stockton, CA
Coterie ???
Society None
Path Humanity ???
Player Lee Elmore


Alias(es): None Known

Real Name: Not Known

Apparent Age: Mid-20's, depending on the Mask.

Concept: Gregarious Hacker

Detailed Status:

  • Personal: 2
    • Acknowledged by Prince Edward Williams of Denver, CO in 2005
    • Resourceful by Prince Adrian Wolfe of Stockton in November of 2016 for consistently developing timely, useful intelligence regarding subjects of interest to the domain.
  • Loaned: 1

Character Information

Known History

Wallace arrived in Sacramento in December of 2010 joining his broodmate One Little Bit. He kept mostly to his clan though vanished shortly after the 2011 San Francisco Grand Elysium. He returned suddenly in March of 2012 dismissing his absence as paying back old favors in Denver. He quickly took to Primogen seat for his Clan. He held the position for a couple years before vanishing alongside Lillian Abendroth suddenly one night.

He cropped up periodically over the next few years but never for very long. When he emerged again, it wasn't in Sacramento but in Stockton. He once again quickly seized a seat on the Primogen Council and set about his work of developing an information network. This network allows him to keep abreast of potential threats to the domain as well as the political movements of interesting Kindred throughout the country.

Shortly after Prince Victor Smith took over Stockton, Wallace transitioned into his new role as Harpy. He held this post for some time, doing his best to convince his peers they should produce regular updates. It didn't catch on, despite a memorable exchange that ended up causing someone to be labeled Malcontent and both Wallace and Prince Smith to lose status. Wallace resigned as Harpy suddenly in September 2017, citing work to do as Servire.





  • None admitted to


Character Inspirations

  • SQL


  • "You ever been drowned?"
  • "Imam malj..."