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Stockton, California is located on the San Joaquin river in the northern part of the San Joaquin Valley. It was founded during the California Gold Rush where its ports provided some of the best access to supplies for the southern gold fields.

The Camarilla Domain of Stockton consists only of the city of Stockton itself. Many nearby communities interact with it however as there is no other Camarilla court further south until Los Angeles. This leads to frequent issues with surrounding groups that has given Stockton an often turbulent history.

The Elysia of Stockton are:

  1. The Mondago Estate
  2. The Japanese Tea Gardens
  3. The Historic Firehouse
  4. Rough and Ready Island
  5. The Opera House

The officers of the court are:

  1. Prince: Nim
  2. Seneschal: Dameon Anvil
  3. Sheriff: Priscilla Hale
  4. Keeper: Ali Nasheem
  5. Harpy: Elliot Maxwell

Primogen Council

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