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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 4
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Feral Heart 000
Player Joe


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Real Name: Scratch is probably not his birth name

Apparent Age: 31

Concept: Feral Hunter

Physical description: On the short side (5'9") with short dark hair and a prominant nose, Scratch looks like he could have been a French aristocrat in another life. Now he's sunken, with the beast seemingly clawing to get out. He is often dirty, generally unkempt, and always wearing clothes scavenged from recent meals.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged (Mark Decker)
Feared (Mark Decker)
Feared (Corbin)
Useful (Josh Swan)

Character Information

Known History

Acknowledged by his sire, Mark Decker, when he was Prince of Milwaukee.
Served as an Anubi and fought werewolves for years.
Left Milwaukee on bad terms with his sire.
Sired a small brood, trained them to hunt, and moved around the country, tracking and hunting Sabbat packs.
Helped a small group of trained kindred battle Sabbat in Central Ohio and chose to stay.


Well, if he's in one, it sure as hell doesn't have a name!


Hugo Valentine
Mark Decker
Michael Heartsblood
Ash Williams
Abigail Willoughby
Dr. Burton Noble


Mark Decker


Mark Decker


Remus (deceased)


Derek Hillen
Julia Calvin
Kristof Oldenbourg

Character Inspirations

Grégoire de Fronsac



(a low rumble in his throat) -really, most of the time.
(sniffing you awkwardly) "You stink."
"You think you're free? Everyone is someone's dog. At least I know where my chain leads." -to an anarch gangrel.


  • Scratch got his name because that's all that happened to him during his first fight with a werewolf.
  • Has never frenzied. His attitude and demeanor are just that: social ineptitude.
  • Is Blood Bound to Hugo Valentine.
  • Is secretly allied with the lupines.
  • Maintains territory in the Park of Roses but claims he's just looking after it for a clanmate.
  • Once tried to Poach Hugo Valentine's ghoul, which resulted in Scratch being blood bound.
  • Scratch had his life saved several times by the Giovanni and is now horribly indebted to them.