Matthew I. Black

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Harpy
Status 3+2
Domain Athens, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Cary Palmer


alt text

Matt, Mattitude, MattAttack, Version 1, Cyberdyne, Tech Support

Real Name: Matthew Black?

Apparent Age: 16

Concept: Wide-eyed idealist

Physical description: His usual mask is a 16 kid with long hair and glasses. He's almost always seen wearing his black hoodie with the hood up, looking away from whoever he's talking to.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Benedic, Prince of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Clever by Colonel Lennox Landrake, Prince of Athens, Georgia
  • Resourceful by Colonel Lennox Landrake, Prince of Athens, Georgia
  • Well-Connected as Harpy of Athens, Georgia
  • Influential as Harpy of Athens, Georiga

Character Information

Known History

Not a whole bunch is known about Matthew Black before he showed up in Las Vegas and joined Team Nosferatu. Since the embrace, he's done what he can to stay ahead of the curve. He recently left Vegas rather abruptly only to show up in Athens, Georgia.

Once in Athens he quickly set himself up as someone who "gets shit done," his words. Need someone to design a security system for your building? He can do that. Track anything over the internet, hack anything with a battery, or bankroll some operations? He can do that to and he will do that if of course the price is right. He's been seen rubbing elbows with the elite and down in the dirt with the dregs. He's a one size fits all problem solver. After he was established for a couple years as Lesser Harpy to Leslie Malcolm, the Primogen Council disavowed her and propped him up as Harpy instead. And Matt swears he didn't do anything to prompt this.





Daniel Rodwell

Malory Schmidt


They're out there. I'm sure of it.


We don't talk much anymore.


I never took home ec, I'm good.


Wouldn't be surprised, but I don't know of any

Character Inspirations

Elliot from Mr. Robot


White and Nerdy- Weird Al

Power of the Horde- Elite Tauren Chieftan

Hush Little Citizen- Bedlam Bards

Inner Universe- Yoko Kanno

I'm Hungry- Alice Cooper

You Died- Miracle of Sound

Redemption Blues- Miracle of Sound

The Dragonborn Comes- Malukah

Still Alive- Jonathan Coulton

Code Monkey- Jonathan Coulton

Dark Lord Funk- K-Face Rules

Man in Black- Johnny Cash


"Are you fucking kidding me?"

"If I don't stay useful, I don't stay alive."

(About Silhouette) "Because of course she does."

"Don't mistake, I'm laughing at you."

(To the Primogen Council)"As usual, the Nosferatu have been off doing your jobs for you."

"Sounds like someone needs a Mattitude adjustment."

"Just call me Mattniss Everdeen, yo." (Said after he was lit on fire)

"Look, you could be all understanding or you could let me be a bitch."

"It's because I'm Black isn't it?"

After seeing his prince’s arm is missing:

Scourge, “What happened?!” Matt, “He’s been disarmed.”


  • Once hacked NORAD with a laptop he found in the back of his car on a bet.
  • Is addicted to smoking Black Death cigarettes.
  • He can delete the recycle bin from Windows.
  • The hoodie he wears was stolen from Bill Gates during his "dark period."
  • Was a screen play writer in his mortal days.
    • Originally wrote the screen play for "Superman III." In his version, the supercomputer won in the end. Warner Bros. deemed the ending too dark and replaced him with David Newman.
    • The character of Gus Gorman was modeled after himself.
  • He rarely pays attention because attention pays him.
  • LOVES B movies. Some of his favorites are "I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle," "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats," and "Maniac Cop."
    • He accepts payment for information in obscure movies that he hasn't seen. Good luck.
  • Is developing a network of supercomputers that employ artificial intelligence.
    • He calls it "Skynet."
    • This is why he has the nickname "Cyberdyne."
  • He masterfully orchestrated the removal of the previous Harpy in Athens with the right amount of whispering in ears and greasing of palms
  • He was selected by the Primogen out of the blue to be Harpy of Athens and had no idea it was coming
  • (Nosferatu only) Has an area in his Warrens known only as "The Outlet." An extraordinary amount of cables and circuitry run into this room. No one other than Matthew knows what dwells inside.
    • It might be Ultron.

Requesting Hospitality

If you're planning on visiting the domain of Athens, please answer this short questionnaire