Lysandra Martin

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Clan Toreador
Position none
Status 6
Domain Washington, DC
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Laura Clark


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Real Name: Lysandra Martin

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: Lysandra was a college art student when her art caught her Sire's eye. She lived and served her mistress happily as a Ghoul for several years before being embraced. She favors ceramics and jewelry making, dabbling occasionally in other art forms. Her jewelry is largely precious metal and gemstones, particularly larger natural polished stones and crystals. She is also very fond of animals, in particular a line of Irish Wolfhounds she has been breeding as guardian companion animals. Her original Wolfhound and head of the bloodline, Fergus is frequently close by keeping a protective eye on her. For a normally dressy Toreador she is a bit of a tomboy still and likes hanging around with Gangrel when she gets a chance to go be casual.

Physical description: Long auburn hair with a slight curl, violet eyes, curvy figure, 5'8". She tends to wear skirts or dresses most of the time and is fond of big showy jewelry. More often than not she wears purple.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged (Prince Monroe)
  • Inspiring (Prince Monroe)
  • Courageous (Primogen Harrow)
  • Vivacious (Prince Datillo)
  • Dedicated (Prince Dervish)
  • Dedicated (Prince Cross)

Character Information

Known History



Pierrot Francon
Thomas McGrath
Cross Paige(Deceased)
Hope Paige
Michael A. Samuel



Louisa Martin (Deceased)




Character Inspirations




She spent a lot of time when she was a ghoul hanging out with other clans and is a bit of an atypical Toreador as a result.

She has been carried away from trouble tucked under the arm of a Gangrel in Gorilla form on more than one occasion.

She is cursed, in that everyone she loves meets a demise most tragic.

Was involved in an involuntary love triangle with Cross Paige and Nelson Barrington

Seems rather protective of a fashionable but seemingly not extraordinary black scarf.