Ken West

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Clan Tremere
Position Steward
Status 5
Domain Santa Rosa, CA
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Akira B


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Kenji West

Apparent Age: 20's / 30's

Concept: Burnout Veteran turned Bon-Vivant

Physical description: 5'6" Japanese-American of athletic build, completely bald and clean-shaven and without eyebrows or eyelashes. He appears quite healthy and alive, with a tan that edges on ruddy or perhaps sunburned. His usual clothing is a red or orange dress shirt or flannel, khaki carpenter pants, and hiking boots. If the weather is cold, he wears a battered brown leather bomber jacket. Most of the time, he has an orange and black Underarmor sling backpack or a brown canvas satchel with him.

Personality: Generally relaxed, pleasant, friendly - but has an air of weariness about him despite his good cheer.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Almalthea of San Francisco
  • Dedicated by Primogen Rebekka of Munich, Germany
  • Loyal by Prince Boreal of Santa Rosa, CA
  • Devoted by Primogen Zed of Berkeley, CA
  • Dutiful by Seneschal Jeremiah Shaw of Santa Rosa, CA

Character Information

Known History

Ken West is a Japanese-American born in California and interned in Manzanar as a teenager during World War II. He graduated college at the University of California, and was attending graduate school, though that was interrupted. Ken was drafted during the Korean War by the US Air Force, and served as a bombardier until his plane was shot down in 1952. He arrived back in California later that year, as a Tremere under the Accounting.

Between his Acknowledgment in 1959 and the end of the 20th century, Ken was part of various strike teams providing support to Camarilla forces defending Camarilla Domains and attacking Sabbat Dioceses. They performed over 30 missions, most of which were successful, though with numerous losses. In 1999, his squad was obliterated, with Ken the sole survivor - barely undead, and barely fending off Wassail. He took an extended tour of Europe, spending a decade and a half recovering his Humanity and sanity.

Ken returned back into Camarilla public life in Iowa City, IA in 2015 where he assisted the Domain in their nightly efforts. He never held an official position despite working for two Sheriffs (William Richardson and Kovacs Kavachi). After the Domain fell in 2017, Ken traveled again, finally settling in Santa Rosa CA in late 2020. In December 2020 he became a Deputy to Sheriff Arabella Esperanza of Santa Rosa. In March 2022, Arabella ascended to the position of Seneschal, and Ken became a Steward to Keeper of Elysium Victoria Velario.







Character Inspirations

  • Uncle Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H)
  • Steve Rogers (Captain America: The First Avenger / Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
  • Bucky Barnes (Captain America: The First Avenger / Captain America: The Winter Soldier)


Spotify Playlist

Kenji - Fort Minor
Fire Tonight Information Society
I Bombed Korea - Cake
Starlight - Muse
Burn - The Cure
Joy - VNV Nation
Indestructible - Disturbed
Scorch The Ground - Seabound
Flashpoint (Burn remix) - Fear Factory
The Mercy Seat - Stromkern (orig. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
Broken Rules - Stochastic Theory
Under Pressure - Queen
Embrace the Sun - ThouShaltNot