Cecil Plantagenet Darlington

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 6
Domain Toledo, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Shane


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Alias(es): Sir Cecil

Real Name: Presumably, Cecil Plantagenet Darlington

Title: The Right Honorable

Apparent Age: Mid-Thirties

Concept: Ultra-Conservative Traditionalist and Defender of the Blood

Physical description: Darlington is roughly 5'7", stocky build, with thinning hair which he keeps cropped short. A member of England's nobility, and a Traditionalist, he can typically be seen wearing an expensive three-piece suit, bowler hat, and walking with either a cane or umbrella. Aside from a scar above his right eye from a pre-embrace dueling wound, he has no other distinguishing characteristics.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by word of Prince Alexander Cromwell of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Loyal by word of Her Majesty, Queen Anne Bowesley of London
  • Dutiful by word of former Prince Hugo Valentine
  • Noble by word of former Prince Albert Dickens
  • Just by word of former Prince Sir Liam Fairfax
  • Influential by word of Prince Nikoli Bredmir


Character Information

Known History

Served as a Deputy Keeper in London before coming to the Americas
Served as Keeper of Elysium under four Princes of Dayton
Served as a member of Dayton's Primogen Council
Served as Seneschal of Toledo, Ohio Is also a serving Advocate of the Society of The Hague



Alexander P. Keefe, Prince of Lewiston, Maine
Alexander Bernard Strong



The Rebellion
Those who would espouse the Anarch Movement



Lord Ashton


Grover Huf

Character Inspirations

John Steed from the Avengers


Ave Maria - Luciano Pavarotti
Hymn of the Immortal Warriors - ManoWar
The Farthest Star - VNV Nation


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"I am Kindred, and I am Ventrue. I do not rut with the kine in order to elevate them to my equal."
"I like you Mr Carrington. It would be a shame if your actions here in Dayton forced me to put a stake through your heart." (Which he did three months later.)
"I have nothing for or against the Negroid, Mr Osemwengie. I simply fail to see where your argument on slavery has any bearing on the topic of British Imperialism." (said during a conversation with a very large, very black, Camarilla Setite.)


((Feel free to add any rumors you may have heard.))

  • May be a member of a secret society which investigates and combats occult threats to the Ivory Tower.
  • Is a member of a secret organization of kindred that works to manipulate the Church.
  • Is rumored to wear gloves when not in a Possession suit.
  • Some more social kindred have noted that they could tell what he thinks of someone by how he shakes/kisses their hand.
  • Is a collector of occult oddities, most particularly those of a historic nature.
  • Adheres to a very strict, albeit sometimes warped Code of Honor.
  • Is a scholar of Kindred history, and may have uncovered knowledge considered dangerous by some.
  • Is part of a coterie to subtly control Camarilla Princes "for the good of the sect"