Brogan Shay

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Clan Assamite
Position Harpy
Status 3
Domain Milwaukee, WI
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity O
Player Player Name


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Brogan Shay
Brogan O'Shay
Brogan O'Shey

Real Name:

Apparent Age: Somewhere between late 20's and mid 30's.


Physical description:
Around 5’ 4” with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She tends to dress down with pair of beat up converse, a military style jacket, and a messenger bag.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledge by Francis Merivein Prince of Chicago
Trusted by Pagan Prince of Milwaukee
Valued by Prince Amber Cargill Prince of Chicago

Character Information

Known History

Brogan first appeared in Chicago in 2012 during the reign of Prince Katja Nothing. Though rarely seen at gathers, Brogan was a resident of Chicago until last year. During this period, when did show up, it was during rules of Prince Francis Merivein, Prince Adrian du Lac, Prince Nigel Ford, and Prince Amber Cargill.

While in Chicago, Brogan spent her time working with various social welfare programs including; food kitchens, after school programs, evening tutoring, night classes, job programs, drug addiction programs to name a few.

After her move to Milwaukee last year, she has continue to work with various community out reach and social programs.

Despite keeping a low profile all these years she has resurfaced to become a lesser harpy in Milwaukee until the Primogen Council made her the Harpy of Milwaukee in March of 2018. The following month Prince Amber Cargill of Chicago put her name forth to be Harpy of Chicago on a temporary basis and was voted in by the primogen.



Ein Salerno







"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" U2


"One point for Brogan!'


Pagan is her sire.
Borrowed the sequined dress from Ein Salerno for the January gala.
Is pretty handy with computers and assorted electronics.