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Clan Assamite
Position Sheriff
Status 10
Domain Leigh Valley PA
Coterie None
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 0000
Player Whitney B.



Allison Davis, Allison Marwan

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: 21

Concept: Garden nerd

Physical description: Allison is a short young woman who at Court wears simple and modest clothing, glasses, and hijab. She carries a brown sling backpack. Occasionally she is seen in jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, and brown deerskin trench coat.

Detailed Status: (10)

  • Acknowledged by Prince Eric Kein of Columbus, Ohio, October 2016.
  • Well Connected by Prince Alshaya of Cambridge, MA, August 2018.
  • Resourceful by Prince Calvin Butler, August 2018
  • Resilient by Prince Calvin Butler, August 2018
  • Invaluable by Prince Jeffery, July 2019
  • Panacean by Justicar Stanford Warwick, July 2020.

  • Insightful, as a member of E-dvision, May 2020
  • Reputation: Spiritual Advisor, November 2020
  • Dignitary of the Camarilla, October 2021.

  • Feared, as Sheriff of Lehigh Valley, December, 2021.

Clan Status: (7)

  • Fidai'i, Abdul Rizzaq ibn Yussuf, October 2015
  • Rafiq, Kunya Yusuf Nasser, March 2017
  • Ustath, Gaius Marius Marcellus Invictus Magnus, August 2017
  • Weathered, The Duat, September 2018
  • Alchemist, The Duat, December 2018.
  • Sister of Erinyes, October 2019.
  • Ustath Bariz, Badr Al-Khaiwani on behalf of the Council, March 2020.
  • Hell Diver, March 2020.

Dragons are down 1 status per clan status packet for being nutty.

Character Information

Known History

Allison Davis' existence began as a series of heartaches. She was a ghoul to the Toreador gun-master Daniel Baird Wesson. She was abandoned at Court and poached by Harpy and singer Lorelei Bithron (suspected Baharist.) After a month of breaking her blood bonds to Wesson, Lorelei gave her to the Sheriff and Child of Haqim Abdul-­Razzaq ibn Yussuf. Prince Eric Kein further broke Allison's blood bonds with Powers of the Blood for a week, and Abdul gave Allison that week to choose to either to forget her last year; or join the Kindred. She chose to join them, and Abdul-­Razzaq ibn Yussuf became her sire.

Daniel B. Wesson and ghoulled Allison Davis.

Columbus City entered a period of extreme violence, and many of Allison's friends and mentors died including Lorelei Bithron; fellow Accountee Llassa; friends Cormac, Anastasia, and Sierra, Kitty, and finally culminated in Allison's own sire - less than six months from her Embrace.

Allison was given to Dr. Malik al Malik, but the violence of Columbus Kindred made him often avoid Court. Alone, Allison ran afoul of Titus Bastone.

When the anger against her clan became too much, Allison joined her Accountor in isolation from most other Kindred.

She taught night classes at Ohio Wesleyan University; and managed Bevelhymer, an Elysium, the park formerly owned by Wesson.

Several months after her sire's death, each Child of Haqim in the city had gone missing, leaving Allison and Malik alone in their refuge, and in hiding. During this time, Eli Manfred required Allison to come with him to court. There, he delivered Kunya's staked body to Lionsigh, revealing the Tremere had been hunting the Children of Haqim with boons owed to them from Manfred. He then revealed his ghoul attendant was none other than Abdul, brought back from Oblivion.

But the reunion was short lived. Rumors began to circulate that Haqim had returned to the Mountain. An Assamite Loyalist named Jamal approached Kunya about going and seeing for himself. He then proposed the same to Abdul. Both initially turned Jamal down. However, something changed Abdul's mind, and in October 2016 he travelled alone to Alamut without telling his clanmates. There, he faced the Demon Child and Haqim both, and upon calling Haqim to repent of his command to worship Haqim, and to return to Allah, Abdul was murdered for his faith. His ashes were delivered to Allison.

A Muslim funeral was arranged for Abdul, and he was laid to rest in Greenlawn Cemetery.

Several received letters from Abdul he had penned 'in case of my death.' Allison's letter passed her care into the hands of Kunya. However, Prince Kein chose to Acknowledge Allison in the wake of her sire's death on behalf of his late friend. Allison returned to court after mourning and began an earnest attempt to revert to her sire's faith.

The awakening of Haqim left the remaining three in Columbus uncertain what to call themselves. 'Children of Haqim' seemed wrong after such a betrayal. With Kunya now as Eldest, he chose to call themselves Assamites.

Allison began to travel with Kunya investigating where the missing Council Members went, and who had left for The Mountain. Kunya traveled to Alamut, heard the words of Haqim, and chose to return to the Camarilla aware he was no longer welcome back or to call himself a child of Haqim. Allison shortly was approached by the same Jamal who had approached her sire. He, too, promised she was being held in a gilded cage and needed to go to Alamut to see for herself. At their meeting, Kunya appeared from Obfuscate and captured Jamal.

In March of 2017, Keeper of Elysium Dorothy Drake named Allison her Honorable Steward.

In April of the same year, Allison was named Toreador Primogen.

Allison, Grand Elysium 2017

While Primogen, Allison was asked to judge over the case of the Brujah Anarch Krote. She decided Krote had violated two Traditions and through deeds, was neither Anarch nor Camarilla, and a threat to the city. So she chose his death.

In July, The Urge became Toreador Primogen. Allison served 14 courts as Primogen.

In August 2017, the city of Columbus became aware Allison had been replaced by a doppleganger at sometime by either the Sabbat Assamites or the Loyalists Assamites. The doppleganger attacked a city officer and when confronted, ashed. A rescue mission was mounted to recover true Allison, but she was returned by the Loyalists to Columbus before the mission left. She spoke of having been stolen by Sabbat and rescued by Loyalists and having gone to Alamut. She also spoke of carrying a curse from ur-Shulgi for refusing to assist killing Kunya.

At Grand Elysium 2017, Archon Hazzan Marwan chose to adopt her as a childe. She was also asked by Kyle Butler to assist him in aiding Eric Grey with the auction. This turned into a full kerfuffle as Grey lost records, items went missing, and Allison continued to be the only Kindred answering local and public inquiries. However, with the least amount of status and unwilling or not knowing to bribe the harpy -- she received the blame and was Warned by Harpy Opie Lionsigh in November 2017.

Titus Bastone was named Primogen of those clans without a Primogen, which includes the Assamites. Primogen Bastone wasted no time testing the Assamites.

In December, 2017, Prince Kein ordered Allison Davis' destruction for reports of repeated breaches of the Masquerade. In the battle, Eli Manfred's ghoul Christina Manfred died, along with Rob the Gangrel's panther companion. Allison was given a short stay of execution on behalf of paid boons; but was Warned by the Prince for a year, and given a series of tasks to complete. Among these was losing her humanity and giving up Abdul as her sire.

Allison attended Prince Pagan's gathering in Milwaukee of the following month. There she met many of her clanmates and assisted in investigating the death of Primogen Irish. After the gathering, Pagan took her to her Assamite elders to determine what to do with her and whether to interfere in Kein's judgement. She was found guilty of much nativity, of failing to understand the Jyhad and the Camarilla, and instructed to find a series of mentors for her growth. She also was told she is NOT a Marwan.

She spent much time at the Saka'aam Casino and the Tamanina Ranch doing research projects for the clan. Occasionally she was seen in the company of the Gangrel Rob, who she refers to as her mate. She traveled to the Bahamas to fight a literal hurricane and the demon who summoned it. She was recognized as *Weathered* by her clan.

In July of 2018, she visited the domain of Cambridge, MA and gained three-months of hospitality and became employed as Keeper Aloysius Grimm's Steward. Due to her draconian understanding of the Camarilla which she learned in Columbus, she and Keeper Grimm butted heads. He released her of service after 3 months.

Early in 2019, she joined an unnamed coterie with Samir ibn'Alim and Andre Brasi.

February 2019, she assisted in the banishment of two demons with the assistance of Anarchs. She also suffered the clan-wide curse which eerily matched the one she already carried. The curse lasted only a few nights and many mysteries remain. Allison was charged by Pagan to gather the clan to discuss the missing clan elders... who arrived to the meeting hale. Andre was attacked by the Demon Child, and summoned to Tygerious the following month. Allison dutifully stood by her falik/coeterie mate and supported him.

July 2019, she fought in the Bahamas a third time against its infernal threats. Her mastery of Ex Inferis let her defend and save the lives of several Camarilla and Anarchs. For this, she was named Invaluable by Prince Jeffery.

The same month, Andre Brasi stepped down as Primogen and named Allison in his place. She set about arranging a domain for the Cambridge Assamites. And took Thomas, a new Assamite, under tutelage.

In September of 2019, Allison assisted defending the domain of unified Connecticut under Prince Angelize Valez. The redlist enemy Ossian had arrived with his black spiral dancer packmates. They began to abduct, kill, and drink the blood of elder vampires. A group of about 13 Kindred fought together and brought an end to the pack. The rank of Alastor was offered to each participant - but Allison declined.

November of that year, Prince Iman Alshaya named Allison as the Cambridge's Sheriff. Allison realized she had now fulfilled every prophecy Haqim had spoken to her, and every dream Abdul had set for her.

2020 was The Year of Hell. As Sheriff, Allison was called upon to deal with unacknowledged Kindred, Masquerade breaches, and domain threats. It lead to a great friendship with David, a being of some power, who then was tossed out of the domain. But it also lead to much blood on her hands.

She met with Alastor Dr. Bishop Marion and became an mentee of his. He was assigned to cure Rabbat -- unaware that Allison had already aided in finding her cure. The cure came from the work of elders Helena and Aveta, and the research done by Allison, Ryah, Dawood, Lance Richards, Gary Kowaleski, Zed, Grege DeCamgui, Deirdre, Samir, and Howl. For months the group researched, studied, and found Rabbat. They made contact with her. Developed a cure. And chose to face the root cause of her woes: a giant Baali hive in Turkey.

In a momentous battle that involved all sects, elders and neonates, and numerous clans -- the ancient Baali Hive was destroyed. (Official letter below.)

Fury Gary Kowaleski brought Allison into the E-Division after the work in Turkey.

No laurels were rested upon with this group of Hell Divers - they promptly picked up on the work of Ryah in Brazil and, under the leadership of Shay, Che, Valez, and a Sabbat named Alejandra Deveraux in November of 2020, Mother Bloom herself was destroyed and the Archdemon's summoning failed. Story here. A bounty was set on Allison's head for killing and meddling with demons after this. Leading up to this, Allison was present and assisted in turning the demon Oriax/Orias, Lord of Gambits, into the angel Oriax/Orias, Virtue of Gambits. It was the first time Allison had ever seen an angel, or witnessed the power of True Faith. That is was wielded by a Sabbat was all the more confusing. The intense emotions of the end-of-the-war battle in the Amazon, (complete with a literal hell-scape of floating rocks and flowing lava) left serious soul injuries on most of the Kindred present. They abandoned the field when werewolves took to the field killing all present. But it was a win - the summoning was stopped.

Although among were-jagulars, there was no Rob at Allison's side. He continued on walk-about for a year now. She worked to process all the demons and angels with Shay and Ryah. And at the end of 2020, resigned as Sheriff in Cambridge. She moved to Leigh Valley in PA to work on her humanity.

In Lehigh Valley, she make herself a place of tranquility and worked on her humanity. She was named Assamite Primogen in March, 2021.

After a year of work, she and Shay Salerno hosted a Camarilla-wide soiree with Harpy Lomash of New Delhi, India. It was a raging blast until Lomash treated his guests with a battle to the death between his ghouls. The cultural misunderstanding harmed many Kindreds' Humanitas and left questions on just what the Camarilla is in other parts of the world.

In May of 2021, Allison traveled to help her clanmates in Brazil destroy a Sabbat compound.

October she was seen as a Dignitary of the Camarilla for her 5 years of activity after receiving her Acknowledgement.

Over the 2021 year, she fought multiple demons in Leigh Valley and became their Sheriff in December, 2021, when Penny Castor stepped down.

In January, 2022, she assisted in locating and defeating the infernal Assamite elder Bashir ibn Shayṭān.


Samir ibn'Alim
Andre Brasi


Dr. Malik al Malik
Ryah Massoud
Shay Salerno
Dawood Marwan
Iman Alshaya
Elijah Seruth


The Giovanni who attempted to murder her sire.
The Assamites who did murder her sire.
The Infernal


Abdul-­Razzaq ibn Yussuf
Adopted by Hazzan Marwan




none by Abdul
Gordon Marwan
Amita Marwan
Dawood Marwan

Character Inspirations & Memes

Allison as an 80's movie - by Nate R.
  • Allison as an 80's movie by Nate R.
  • Ryah Massoud: Allison is a canela-de-ema.
    A canela-de-ema flower.
  • Traci A. "Allison is a Shirley Temple with cherry pucker"


Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks
Afraid by The Neighbourhood
Me Gusta Tu by Manu Chao given by Ryah
Beautiful by Marillion given by Ryah
Beautiful Pain by Eminem featuring Sia given by Shay


"H-he-he'll be here. I know he will. I'm... I'm not abandoned..."
"Ghouls are people!"
"I was fortunate to meet up with Poison Ivy at the Amazon. She is a very formidable opponent and very nice!" Coraline Andari about Allison
"Nice people don't kill puppies." Shay about Allison.
"Allison is the Midnight Rose of Cambridge and we are blessed to be in her presence, always." Aloysius Grimm about Allison.


Some of Allison's dead friends were Baharists.
Bastone hates her for 'attempting to Embrace a Hunter.'
Allison is a Baharist.
Allison is too humane to ever be a Baharist.
Allison is an insightful young woman.
She is often oblivious and naive.
Her sire is Infernal, one does not simply "Walk" out of oblivion.
Allison is the 'terror of the night.'
She is made of glass and Tristin and Rob have to protect her.
Allison is steadily losing touch with reality.
Allison played gay chicken with the Baron. And Won.

Official Letters of Writ

Fellow Citizens of the Camarilla,

It is with great pleasure that I come to you with news of one who had once been cast out of our society, now brought back into the fold: one who had been hunted because of a curse which turned her into a terrible and persistent threat to the Masquerade and all Kindred who came near her, yet that curse was not of her own making. Nearly seven centuries ago, the Nosferatu Rabbat was cursed by an insidious cult of the Baali to become a plague bearer. The contagion she bore would destroy any - Kindred, Kine, or otherwise - who came near. So great was the danger her disease posed that, in the earliest days of the Camarilla, she was Globally Blood Hunted by Josef von Bauren, the first Justicar of Clan Nosferatu and founding member of the Camarilla.

Recently, however, through the concerted effort of a dedicated group of Nosferatu, Assamites, and one Gangrel, the nature of the curse upon her was discovered.

These devoted Kindred, once they knew the nature of the curse, petitioned Justicar Warwick’s office for permission to find and potentially cure Rabbat in lieu of seeking the Trophy upon her. Upon receiving permission and with oversight by Archons of Justicar Warwick’s Office, they formed a team to research the curse. As they followed clues that had lain dormant for centuries, they uncovered the location of the Hive of Baali that had cursed her, as well as its patron Demon. This team - along with a host of other brave Kindred - went on a dangerous mission to bring an end to that Hive in March of this year.

Then, through further effort, the original research group (hereafter called the Redemption Team) found a cure for what remained of the plague in Rabbat’s system. After the Offices of the Nosferatu Justicar confirmed that she was no longer a threat, a petition was put forward that the global Blood Hunt of Rabbat would be lifted and the Trophy would be withdrawn, as she was no more a threat to the Masquerade and to her fellows than any other. After being presented the facts of the initial curse, the obliteration of the Hive, and the cure of Rabbat, Josef von Bauren - original Justicar of the Nosferatu and he who called the Blood hunt - along with Elders of the Nosferatu, agreed to this clemency.

Rabbat will now spend decades, if not centuries, working toward absolution for the danger to the Masquerade that she has posed, lo these many centuries. She, unlike the malefactors who cursed her or the balance of the creatures who have been globally Blood Hunted, did not seek to cause chaos and death. She, unlike others who have been brought to justice by the Camarilla, sought redemption. Indeed, without her persistence and guidance, the hive of infernal Baali might not have been expunged, free to work their terror in other ways throughout the world. For these reasons, it was determined that Rabbat alone should be given a chance to find that grace on this side of Final Death, though this decision was neither predetermined nor certain when these events began to unfold.

For their devotion to the redemption of this wayward soul, Justicar Warwick wishes to extend his sincere thanks and congratulations to all who assisted in this Herculean effort. For their part, all involved have declined the Trophy, as Rabbat has been removed from the Red List and thus Trophy upon her is no longer offered. That said, Clan Nosferatu wishes to thank the following individuals for their efforts:

Kunya Yusuf Nasser of Clan Assamite led this charge. He initiated first the investigation into Rabbat, and then led both the team that went into the Hive to destroy the Baali who cursed her, as well as the team that researched her situation and found the cure. For your efforts, Rabbat owes to you her Life, and as such has granted a Life Boon to you personally.

For his efforts in these matters, Justicar Stanford Warwick has declared Kunya Yusuf Nasser to be Panacean.

The Redemption Team:

Lance Richards, Gary Kowaleski, and Zed of Greater Berkeley, for your prowess in the investigation, your resourcefulness, and dedication to finding the cure for Rabbat, as well as for your assistance both in finding the Hive -- which could not have been found without your efforts -- and your bravery within the Hive, Justicar Stanford Warwick has declared you to be Panacean.

Ryah Massoud of Clan Assamite, for using your insight and ability to see beyond time and this current plane, for your dedication even to the point of endangering your own soul to find both the cure for Rabbat and clues to assist in the assault upon the Hive itself, Justicar Stanford Warwick has declared you to be Panacean.

Dawood Marwan, Shay Salerno, Allison Davis, Andre Brasi and Samir Ibn'Alim, of Clan Assamite, for your Dedication to the search for the Cure of Rabbat, which was implemented by not only a high level of skill and knowledge but also by your refusal to give up in the face of extreme danger presented by the Hive in Turkey, Justicar Stanford Warwick has declared you to be Panacean*.

Deirdre Cassidy of Clan Gangrel - for your assistance in creating and implementing the Cure for Rabbat, the resources provided in securing the breach of the Hive, as well as for risking your own soul and very existence in both research and the attack upon the Hive, Justicar Stanford Warwick has declared you to be Panacean.

Grege DeCamgui and Howl, of Clan Nosferatu - for your assistance in developing the cure for Rabbat, Justicar Warwick hs declared you to be Panacean.

A Note for the Nosferatu rescued from within the Hive: Nari of Constantinople and his Childe Preet were found held within the Hive when it was breached. Nari had been a prisoner for centuries and refused to turn or bend his knee to the Baali and their dark master. For his refusal, he dwelled in torment through the ages. He embraced Preet soon after he was rescued, as she had been a mortal captive held in his cell. She, too, had refused to be turned.

They are not only returned to the welcoming arms of their clan, but upon learning of the Camarilla, and learning of the enormity of the Camarilla’s efforts to break the power of the hive had been, Nari and Preet have requested to join the Camarilla themselves. Both are under the accounting of Khalid al-Rashid. All Camarilla members who fought within the hive should be proud to have inspired such stalwart Kindred to join our August Sect.

This has been a long road, a long fight, and the combined efforts of the two clans, working together for a year, has cemented a lasting alliance between Clan Nosferatu and Clan Assamite inside the Camarilla.

The Combat Team who Defeated the Hive in Adana, Turkey:

Adsach Jha, Primogen Alexander Knight, Archon Ali Marwan, Alim Al'Farsi, Primogen Arias Tovar, Armin Achmed Mahasati, Arthus Costa, Harpy Astin Terrick, Sheriff Atmanand "Willy" Hakim, Harpy Ezra Phoenix, Faruk Al Sahir de La Vega, Frank Tower, Grant Collier, Igor Dravill, Johan Hinks, Sheriff Kamal Sumrah Rahal, Kedar Ibn Ja'Leal, Primogen Lorenzo Valentino, Martin Thorn, Primogen Michael O'Malley, Primogen Riley Massoud, Harpy Ryan Midori, Prince Santo Mazzi, Sophie de La Vega, Primogen Thomas of Ann Arbor, and Tristan Alvah Of Clan Assamite -- Che Valiente and Zeke Porter Of Clan Brujah -- Rob of Columbus, OH and Hawk II Fists Of Clan Gangrel -- Archon Acantha Of Clan Malkavian -- Chief Archon Federico DiPadua, Archon Maryanne Fletcher, Archon Plaguerat, Archon Miguel Alvarez, and Silvaro Robertson Of Clan Nosferatu -- Archon Michael Crison Of Clan Samedi, -- Archon Rachel Dubhan Of Clan Toreador -- Archon Douma Charoum of Clan Tremere -- and Thomas Charles Montgomery and Prince Tony Angelo Of Clan Ventrue:

For your bravery and your dedication in the face of great evil and peril, as well as your successful defeat of the Baali Hive in Adana, Turkey, Justicar Stanford Warwick has declared each of you to be seen as Victorious* within the Camarilla.

There were many more still who fought from Clan Assamite, who set aside their differences with their Camarilla Brethren in order to destroy what was likely one of the greatest Baali nests that had ever been uprooted in this century or all centuries prior. Their names are known by Clan Nosferatu, and they are not forgotten. Should any of those Independents or Anarchs need any assistance, the debt Clan Nosferatu owes them will be addressed by Malachai, the Rock of Constantinople.

Thank you again, to all who assisted in this truly Herculean endeavor. Let your Victorious names forever be remembered.

With Immense Gratitude and Deep Admiration,

Stanford Warwick

Justicar to Clan Nosferatu