Lance Richards

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Seneschal
Status 6
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Clyde Williamson


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Real Name:

Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Transporter

Physical description: Lance is almost always masked when in public as a young man with long curly hair and a short beard. He wears a very well crafted, but rumpled suit and hat, often covered in cobwebs, dust, dead leaves or other debris.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Influential, Informed, Loyal, Respected, Well-Connected (personal), Dignitary, Luminary (merit), Cherished, ​ Esteemed​, and Trusted ​(positional)

Character Information

Known History

Lance was first presented to the Camarilla in the city of Denver where he was acknowledged. His history before that time is somewhat murky. In 2008 he arrived in the domain of Columbus to investigate the disappearance of his sire's grand-sire, Corbin. His participation in the courts of the Camarilla were almost nonexistent.

Shortly after his arrival, he was part of a group of Kindred sent to deal with a breach of the Masquerade in late 2008. He recognized the aggressor as his sire, Jorge De la Rosa. Jorge had turned to the Sabbat and during the ensuing fight, Lance destroyed him. In return Prince Hugo Valentine named him 'Loyal' to the Camarilla.

Soon after that he was appointed Nosferatu Primogen for the domain of Columbus Ohio. A position he held until the fall of 2010 when he left the domain on "Clan Business".

Lance disappeared from US courts for several years and has recently returned and currently serves as the Seneschal for the Domain of Columbus, Ohio.





Jorge De La Rosa (deceased)



Character Inspirations

Frank Martin - The Transporter




  • Lance embraced his ghoul 'Alice' after she was mortally wounded, without being granted Right of Progeny.
  • Lance has been known to use a boomerang with both ends sharpened to act as a double sided stake.
  • Lance was sick of infernalism before it became the in thing.
  • Lance's grandsire, sire and broodmates were all infernal.
  • Believes flash mobs are the future of spreading information.
  • Prior to his embrace he was a district manager for Toys "R" Us
  • Lance went missing for over a Month in 2010, most believe he was abducted by the roguish "Mr. Long" who collected a large stockpile of Lance's blood which he now uses to afflict physical blemishes on mortal women who cross him.
  • Lance refuses to carry any US currency that has been in circulation for more then three years and was involved in a masquerade breach after a cab driver gave him change in old dollar bills from the late 90's.
  • Lance now owns his own cab company.