Aloysius Grimm

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Clan Malkavian
Position Keeper of Elysium
Status 4+1
Domain Cambridge, MA
Coterie None Known
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player []


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Real Name: William Sherman?

Apparent Age: 21

Concept: Hall Monitor All-Grown-Up

Physical description:

Grimm is an attractive enough man with dangerous, calculating eyes set deeply in a deathly pale, hollow face. Generally dressed in a dark, double breasted suit and turtleneck regardless of the weather, he appears to be a man cobbled together out of blacks and grey with no splashes of color to lighten his appearance. Dark hair parted neatly and delicate hands round out his appearance, all of which comes together to create a bearing of near palpable intimidation and menace. (Powerful Gaze, Ability Aptitude: Intimidation)

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged (Imran Alshaya) 1

Honorable (Keeper of Elysium) 1

Dedicated (Imran Alshaya) 1

Loyal (Primogen Zathros) 1

Honorable (Primogen Zathros) 1

Character Information

Known History

Grimm arrived in Cambridge and quickly claimed the position of Keeper, and is somehow still alive in a domain of largely Toreador.


Himself and whatever Stewards under him?


Prince Imran Alshaya, Hope of Cambridge

Allison Davis

Nathanial Bryce?

Serenity Dusk


People that talk too loudly in movies

That Ravnos Fellow seems to dislike him


Sandra McMichaels


None Known


None Known

Character Inspirations

Roque from Iberia by Night

Angelo from Measure for Measure




For a grim, Grimm grins took much. I fear what makes him frown.