Adam Stonebrooke

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Clan Tremere
Status 6
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Player Name


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Real Name: Adam Stonebrooke

Apparent Age: late 20s

Concept: Influence Broker

Physical description: Adam is tall and slim with a quick smile and penetrating gaze. He cultivates the accouterments of wealth and is often mistaken for members of another clan.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Dedicated
  • Resourceful
  • Respected
  • Respected
  • Wise

Character Information

Known History

Adam burst onto the Mid-Atlantic scene early this century, the childe of former Baltimore resident Joshua Stonebrooke. Adam has been, since the beginning, a polarizing figure known for his defense of humanity at all costs. Quickly picked for his investigative and creative skill, Adam was made sheriff of Annapolis a position he served in until the death of his friend, Prince Lemuel the Putrid. Lemuel's death was the first casualty of the jihad Adam was exposed to as two competing coteries vied for control of the Mid-Atlantic. When the dust settled, Adam was the Prince of Annapolis, MD. After ceding power in 2008, Adam disappeared for several years, occasionally showing up at large events. Since his return to Annapolis in late 2010 he has kept a low profile, heavily involved behind the scenes but rarely seen in the public eye.






Joshua Stonebrooke


"Those who seek power should bear in mind that a road of razors offers few shortcuts."


  • Adam cannot stomach the taste of blood, he's forced to cut it with alcohol in order to feed.
  • Stonebrooke seeks vengeance for the deaths of his friends Lemuel the Putrid, Garrett Danningtion, James Gunnarson and Frank Nessing.
  • Adam isn't a Tremere at all, but is pulling one of the most elaborate Malkavian pranks of all time!
  • Wasn't he a former anarch?
  • Brings a ghouled pet, usually a large breed dog, to large Elysiums and Gatherings
  • At a recent conclave, Stonebrooke treated the accused with extreme hostility.
  • Stonebrook still considers Beecher to be an ally, please face-palm now.
  • Adam Stonebrooke abused his position of power as an Archon to murder multiple Camarilla citizens, then ran to Art Morgan to hide behind him from the consequences of his own actions.