Abigail North

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Clan Tremere
Position Primogen
Status 4+1
Domain Springfield, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Erin O'Neal


Abigail North

Abi, The Couch Tremere

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties

Concept: The Conscience

Physical description: Abigail is petite in stature, only a little over 5 feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has the vital glow of someone who is not undead, and has a certain aura about her ((Blush of Health and Sanctity)). She often is seen wearing glasses, and typically dresses in a long sleeved black shirt and either black or dark blue jeans. When dressing up she will wear slacks or skirts and blouses, but black is almost always a color featuring prominently.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Edward Williams of Denver, CO
Dependable by Archon Jon-Apolo de Soult
Valued by Prince Philip Walkin
Dedicated by Prince Jesse Kesch
Revered by Position
((Tremere Only: Apprentice of the Fifth Circle, member of House Virtue))

Character Information

Abigail is soft spoken and reserved for the most part. She has been a resident of the Springfield, Illinois domain for over four years. She has a reputation as a psychologist and is a self proclaimed 'amateur botanist'. She's become more active on the local scene in the last year, first having taken up a Primogen position, and more recently taken on Deputy's duties.

Known History





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None known







Character Inspirations

Penny- Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog

Jekyll- The musical version of Jekyll & Hyde




"So you're saying the kool-aid man burst through a wall, a Malkavian embraced a faerie, and then the demon infernalist took the childe away?" - Alastarr Quinn
"Well when you say it like that you make it sound ridiculous." -Abigail after recounting a very long story involving a Malkavian 'adventure time'


  • Abigail's saintly demeanor is all an act; she's actually a mastermind.
  • Abigail routinely turns into a giant dragon and flies around Springfield, breathing fire.
  • Abigail is rumored to have created a strain of roses that feeds solely on kindred vitae.
  • To the shock of gathered observers, Abigail used the power of nature to destroy demons.
  • Despite her seemingly reserved nature, Abigail was overheard being quite flirtatious at the 2013 Grand Elysium.