Ion Jones

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 3
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Daniel Cochran-Smith


Ion Jones 2010

Hank Jones
The Jones
Herr Jones
The Patron
Ion Korzha

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid to late 20s.

Concept: Modern Urban Blood Mage

Physical description: His physical description has changed over the years. How ever he carried himself as a human is gone. His gaze tends to focus on points outside of physical space. His emotional affect is flat, but can come rushing back in ways that unnerve those around him. He tends to wear a black trench coat, in its folds you will normally find a book. He is scarred from many years of fighting for the Ivory Tower.

Detailed Status:


  • Acknowledged by Prince Kelly of Northeastern Pennsylvania 2013
  • Loyal by Primogen Lane Jacobi 2014


Known Political History

Bloodline coat of arms

Basic Timeline: The existence of Jones was more rumor than fact until the 1990s. He has volunteered that until he became more active in the Camarilla he was about central Europe. His first appearance in North America was in Philadelphia, while it was still occupied by the Sabbat. When he actually came to the city is in dispute. It is known that he was active there for years before the return of the Camarilla. His coterie of other Tremere were based out University City, an island of Tremere in a sea of Sabbat. University City was instrumental in the Camarilla retaking the city. He then became enmeshed in the cities politics, and was once called the "Perma-schal" of Philadelphia by the late Calliope Van Horne. He left Philadelphia roughly five years ago, and has been moving about the Mid-Atlantic region ever since. In June of 2012 he renounced his standing and left the Camarilla. If your PC has Anarch Lore


  • June of 2012
  • August of 2012
    • Addressed a Camarilla Judicial Conclave
    • Disappeared for one month
  • September of 2012
    • Attended Nonclave



  • June of 2014:
  • August of 2014:
  • September of 2014: Attended Nonclave gathering.
    • Attended Nonclave
      • Was the target of a violation of Elysium while at Nonclave.
    • Appointed as Deputy Sheriff by Sheriff Jake Hemingway Of Allentown PA.
  • November of 2014:
    • Was granted the status of Loyal by Marquess Madison Langley after an extensive mentoring in the customs of the Camarilla.
  • December of 2014:
    • Attended Lehigh Valley Tourney event.
      • Was granted the status of Loyal by Primogen Jacobi for fighting off several hunters during an assassination attempt.
      • Fought a manifestation of the infernal Tremere Lucien Rex.


  • February of 2015
  • March of 2015
    • Attended Glitter & Gloom conclave
    • Involved in judicial conclave
  • April of 2015
    • Relinquished status of Loyal when openly reveling he had returned to the Camarilla.
  • May of 2015
    • Involved in a Praxis battle in Lehigh.
  • June of 2015
    • Left the Domain of Allentown.
  • Jully of 2015


He is not known to be a member of any coterie.


Nonclave Gangrel Fire 2014

Since distancing himself from the Shadow coterie he has kept the identities of his allies close to his chest. He is seen associating with the following kindred regularly. If you want to add a PC/NPC to this list feel free.

Suburban Maryland Court Connections:

Lehigh Valley Court Connections:


Other Allies:


Regional/National Connections:





Jones, VTES style as made by Joe S.

Known Sire

He does not speak of his sire, but has admitted he still resides in Europe.


Allen Realer Deceased
David Fletcher Rumored
Fionna Jones
Akshaya Jones

More are rumored to exist.

Rumored Broodmates

None known.

Character Inspirations

Characters Inspirations
"Jesse Hooker"
"NOT Harry Dresden"


Concepts & Trope Inspirations
"Apologetic Attacker"
"Badass Bookworm"
"Bald Of Evil"
"Big Screwed Up Family"
"Blood Magic"
"Blue and Orange Morality"
"Dark Is Not Evil"
"Dark World"
"Disproportionate Retribution"
"Insane Troll Logic"
"Sliding Scale Of Vampire Friendliness"
"Used To Be A Sweet Kid"
"You Can't Go Home Again"


Patrolling the domain 2014.

Play List #1 - Old Times


Play List #2 - New Times


Quotes from Ion Jones

Zoe Moreau: "Mr. Jones! I just received your gift...there are no words, sir. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you."
Jones: "It was only appropriate."
JC: As Zoe moves off, JC looks back at Jones with a raised eyebrow and a quizzical expression.
Jones: "what... I have friends."
JC: "It's not the friends part, it's the giving of gifts. Where's the love Jones? Where's the love?"
Jones: "I am Jones... there is no time for love."

"We are uniquely enlightened in our inhumanity."

"Who you are is more than adjectives."

"Don't forget the pie. Bring me some Pie!"

"So where should we absolutely under no circumstances ever go? What, why? Oh no reason just curious."

"Don't get me started on Mormonism."

"I am not trying to be disrespectful mam. Just let me do my job."

"The Brujah have contaminated the crime scene. Fuck me."

Quotes about Ion Jones


Fotolia 43783803 S.jpg
  • He is an anarch sympathizer.
  • There is something off about him, and he does not fit in with his clan.
  • He is totally insane.
  • He has been adopted by the Malkavians.
  • He is David Fletcher's sire.
  • The Malkavians hate Jones.
  • Ventrue go insane around Jones
  • He is a serial killer.
  • He hangs out with The Sons of Odin & The Knights Errant
  • He is/was a nazi.
  • He was the inspiration for Indiana Jones.
  • Used to be associated in some way with Pompeii, Dannington and Miller's Shadow Coterie.
  • He is a brainwashed robot for his clan.
  • The Tremere are terrified of Jones.
  • Artyom Serjyevic is his favorite Archbishop.
  • He is a secretly adopted Tzimisce.
  • Vincent King is Jones's new hero.
  • Jones is a fan of the singing voice of Hazel
  • At Nola 2011 he was mistaken for a member of Frank's pack.
  • If a kindred's body does not change/age then why has his?
  • Was killed on a suicide mission into Sabbat territory in 2013.
  • Supports the enemies of clan Tremere