Calliope Van Horne

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Clan Toreador
Position Deceased
Status 6
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Megan McCrady


Calliope in Baltimore, MD.

This Toreador is deceased.
Alias(es): None publicly known.

Apparent Age: 24

Concept: Modern Day Courtesan

Physical Description: Calliope is 5' 8" with fair skin and piercing blue eyes. Her hair is ever-changing in both length and color, dependent upon her mood and the look she wishes to adopt. A fan of the elegant 1940's, she often is seen in styles from the era. Physically speaking, Calliope moves with a graceful precision; her movements liquid yet planned and deliberate. She's charming and charismatic...yet also every inch a predator.

Gorgeous x2, Alluring x3, Beguiling x 4, Natural Leader

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Risque artist's rendering of Calliope by player Janet James.

Charming? Witty? Devious? Deviant? Influential? Vapid? Whorish? Bitchy? Mercurial? Treacherous? Sweet?

The Courtesan of the Camarilla.

It seems like every vampire has a slightly different description of Calliope. The former Prince of Washington, DC and self-proclaimed former "Perma-schal" of both Suburban Maryland/Annapolis and Washington, DC, Calliope has made quite a name for herself since she moved out to the Mid-Atlantic from Chicago in 2002.

A socialite born and bred, Calliope can always be found in the midst of conversation. She's the quintessential Toreador Who Knows Everyone Worth Knowing, and she makes it a point to keep on top of her game. Her "Hookers & Blow" parties and her annual Bacchanal at the autumn Nonclave event have become the stuff of local legend, as have her reputed sexual/sensual appetites. The social ties she's created over the years have provided her with a long list of allies and contacts, many of whom have grown to be quite powerful. She is, without a doubt, the Courtesan of the Camarilla -- and affects not the slightest bit of shame when confronted with the title.

Is there more to Calliope than parties and socializing and decadent debauchery? Some say that beneath her hedonistic exterior lies a young singer/dilettante who was Embraced by one of the most infamous Toreador the Camarilla has seen in recent years, a woman who has struggled against the stigma of her blood from the moment she set foot on American soil. And even in the face of that stigma, she's proven to be a more-than-capable politician, acting as Seneschal under three separate Princes before taking the praxis of Washington, DC when Dean Famularo was promoted to an Archon position. She stepped down from her Princedom in September 2006, and spent her time in semi-retirement until July of 2008: when the entire foundation of the Mid-Atlantic political scene was thrown into chaos...

Known History

  • Native of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Childe of the Anathema Gabriel Camerata.
  • Lobbied to overturn the Gangrene Edict at the 2003 Conclave.
  • Helped authorities bring her Sire to justice.
  • Known (and often loved) for her legendary "Hookers & Blow" parties.
  • Acted as an intermediary to introduce new contacts and facilitate business deals all over the world.
  • Dubbed the "Courtesan of the Camarilla" around 2006.
  • Rumored to have been a member of two coteries: The Colors and Lambda Lambda Lambda.
  • Cleansed of the taint of her Sire's infamy by Justicar Titus Petronius Niger.
  • Seneschal first in Annapolis and then in Washington, DC for a total of almost 4 years.
  • Former Prince of Washington, DC.
  • Involved in a catastrophic Praxis attempt in Baltimore, Maryland in 2008.
  • Bravely (scandalously?) requested a Conclave in 2009, naming multiple Archons as members of a subversive shadow coterie.
  • Disappeared immediately after the Conclave in April 2010.



Calliope at Nonclave in 2001.





Character Inspirations

  • Veronica Franco (Dangerous Beauty),
  • Kathryn Merteuil (Cruel Intentions)


Under Construction


"Do you not like my kiss?"
"I wish it were not a sin to have liked it so."
"God made sin that we might know his mercy."

- Marco & Veronica, Dangerous Beauty

"If I were straight I would hit that like Whack a Mole. But, since I'm not, I'll do the next best thing- I'll watch her reject you." Zio!


  • Suspected by some to be Toreador Antitribu.
  • Possibly part of an internal group of Toreador committed to protecting Toreador.
  • Rumored to have created a secret cadre of Toreador dedicated to monitoring information and assassinating "bad" Toreador.
  • Suspected to have been romantically involved with Johnathan Gwynn.
  • Rumored that the "keys to power" were hidden betwixt Calliope's...nethers.
  • Motivated to speak out against "shadow coteries" out of a selfish desire to remove rivals rather than out of higher desires for the good of the Camarilla.
  • Calliope's not really dead, just in hiding under an assumed Brujah Identity.