Phillip Bankrofte

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 0
Domain Washington, DC
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Sooper


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Real Name: Phillip Bankrofte

Apparent Age: 19

Concept: Punk Rocker

Physical description:Phillip is your typical alluring musician. Phillip is never without his sunglasses, says it adds to the rockstar image.

Detailed Status:
Phillip relinquished all standing and left to join the Anarch Movement in April of 2011.

Character Information

Known History

Phillip Bankrofte was the bass player, backup vocalist, and main song-writer for 70's English punk rock band "The Limey Bastards". After their breakup in the early 80's, he went solo and toured extensively. Since 2005, he's released no new music and done very little touring, though it is rumoured that he is working on something big. Sightings of him in Washington, DC have been posted on various groupie fansites.



Peaches (Deceased)

Xana Trikiakov (Deceased)



Peaches (Deceased)




Unknown - deceased

Character Inspirations



When asked if he knew Snuggles, a Sabbat Nosferatu: "What, the fabric softener bear?"

On Anarchs: "Right, 'Look at me, I'm an Anarch, I'm going to say rude or irritating things until someone tells me to shut up and stop being a tosser, and then I'm going to go whine about how they're repressing my freedom or something.'"

"When I'm the one lecturing someone else on their manners, I think that's saying something."

"Right, I back my own words with more words that are also mine. I support the proposal that I previously proposed."

"I need willing and sexy Nosferatu women first, hard to start a pile when it's just me."

"This is why Erasamus is known for his poetic eloquence, and I'm known for writing songs about punching blokes in the face."


Known to have a fetish for female Nosferatu.

Has apparently joined the Anarchs.

He left the Camarilla because of dead kittens.