Jayden Black

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 1
Domain Lehigh Valley, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Ofski


Jayden Black



Real Name: You could probably figure it out if you tried, he was a model after all...

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Concept: Broken Super Model

Physical description: Jayden is tall and slim, with a lightly muscled body. He is olive skinned with dark hair and deep blue eyes.  When he wears much clothing at all, he dresses in the latest fashions, but his style is always a bit... off. Those who meet him in person note that there is just something about the way he smells or... something, that is simply enthralling.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Kelly of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Character Information

Jayden Black

"Stupidly Attractive"
Fame: Model, Nightlife Promoter

Known History

Early Political Career (2013): Jayden received Acknowledgement and began appearing in the Lehigh Valley courts in the spring of 2013. He quickly gained the attention of most of the court with his unique personality. His uncanny insights into the dangers faced by the domain earned early recognition. Later, his role in the establishment of the new Primogen Council and his acceptance of the role of Harpy would make it clear that he was a name to watch out for. At NonClave 2013 he was heavily involved with investigations into threats to the court, earning recognition for his effective (and some might say disturbing) approach. He also made an appearance at the Northeast Event 2013, making a name for himself with his wit, stories, and costuming. And of course, he was in attendance at the Long Night event that same year as well, where he was championed by Pierrot Francon in the joust.
In 2014 Jayden made an appearance at Glitter and Gloom where, interestingly, he was announced at opening court alongside Princes and Archons. He was seen speaking to nearly every individual in attendance, sparking conversations wherever he went. He also made an appearance at the Elements event, where he sang two lovely duets with a member of Clan Toreador.

Recently: Jayden continues to serve as the Harpy of the Lehigh Valley, PA.




John Q Public
Zackary Cole
Madison Langley
Andre Marshak
Madeleine Merovingian
Pierrot Francon
Colette Green
Jason Nyx
Thomas True
Anastasia Koslov
Jesse Clayborne


Joseph Gallagher (likely)


One of the Blacks... Lady Black, Jacob Black...




Joseph Black
Trevor Black
Corinne Black

Character Inspirations

Sebastian Valmont from "Cruel Intentions"
Murdock from "A-Team"
Captain John Hart from "Torchwood"
The Joker as played by Heath Leger from "The Dark Knight"
"Cillian Murphy" in his roles in "Red Eye" and "Batman Begins"
Alan Shore from "Boston Legal"
Every creepy movie character that you've ever found weirdly sexy.
White Wolf's "Scion".



Jayden: "If this doesn't count as foreplay then no, you cannot keep hitting me."
Jayden: "He stuck his whole arm down my throat and tried to pull me inside-out. He failed of course, but the important thing to note is: no gag reflex."
Madison Langley, frantically: "Whatever you do, don't let him talk!"
Jayden: "If there's one thing you can always trust me to do, it's to look out for my own skin. I moisturize daily."


Jayden and his Lovers

Jayden worships strange gods.
Jayden and Zackary Cole are in a relationship.
Jayden and Madison Langley are in a relationship.
Jayden like's playing in entrails, the really disturbing thing is that he actually learns relevant things by doing so.
Jayden will sleep with anything, living or dead, human or not.
Jayden once convinced an entire Elysium full of Kindred to visit every porn shop in the city.
Jayden has a habit of absconding with other people's pants.