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Clan Gangrel
Position Sovereign Imperial Prince
Status 5+4
Domain Northeastern, PA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Michael Gilson


Kelly at Nola 2010

Kelly, Half-Blood

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early to Mid 20's

Concept: Generally perceived to be an elder who has "joined the Cam" to be left alone and manage his own feudal kingdom

Physical description:About 5'10" and well built.  His hair is dirty-strawberry blonde and skin the paleness of Irish blood.  Numerous braids of various thicknesses, some tied with cloth, some bells, some left to hang loose or with bits of bone are scattered amongst what is otherwise loose hair going down to mid-back.  Ice blue eyes shine from a face half-covered in pagan blue markings, the look of it chills the blood slightly.  The red, black and silver flannel he wears hangs heavy but is missing most of the right arm and all of the left in addition to two slits down the shoulder blades.  Under that is what was once a black t-shirt.  Similar markings to the right side of his face cover his left arm extending past the gypsy bangles on his wrists and past the obviously warded patched together leather fingerless glove and wrist strap on his left hand.  The warded black glove has a counter point in an unwarded army green fingerless wool one on his right hand.  Chains, a clay canister and several leather pouches hang from his hip partially obscuring the torn and rust stained jeans.  Down the front left leg more pagan markings extend.  The back of that leg is covered in more.  The right leg, the more torn, is covered in hatch marks. He generally wears either heavy black boots with more small bells around the ankles and tied into the laces or bare feet. 

Kelly at the Long Night 2013

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged (by Former Prince Corey Heartsblood of Cleveland, thought by some to be self Acknowledged)
  • Fearless (by Anika Romanowski Former Gangrel Primogen)
  • Resourceful (by Mushy Nebuchadnezzar Former Gangrel Primogen) Stripped by Kelly
  • Respected (by Former Prince David Paul Barrington of Annapolis) Stripped by Zackary Cole
  • Feared (by Former Prince Montel Shame of DC)
  • Influential (by Walter Hamilton)
  • Unyielding (by Former Prince Luther Rommel of Philadelphia) Stripped by Art Morgan
  • Golden Marquis (by Former Prince Adrian Serra of Los Angeles) Stripped by Kelly
  • Feared (by Prince Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna)
  • Courageous (by Prince Fiona MacGregor) Stripped by Zackary Cole
  • Exalted (Positional)
  • Famous (Positional)
  • Well-Known (Positional)
  • Venerable (Positional)

Character Information

2012 Gangrel Gather

Known History

Prior to 1995: Only hypothesized

1995 - 2001: Occasional appearances in the North East and Midwest

2001 - 2008: Independent based in the Mid-Atlantic but infamous for wandering and causing shenanigans

2008: Acknowledged in the Camarilla and claimed Praxis of The Lehigh Valley, PA, within a week

2010: In the first real rally of his allies he defended his domain against aggressors, resulting in the destruction of The Club Kids

2010: Expanded his Domain to include Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Reading, creating a Hegemony in Northeastern Pennsylvania

2012: A Judicial Conclave is called to judge his loyalty to the Camarilla and whether he has made war on other domains. All three domains he claims are placed under Ordeal, as is he - if one of the four fail, they all fail.

2013: The last of the Ordeals are lifted

2014: Scranton falls to the Sabbat. Kelly reopens the city a week later.

2015: Kelly releases Madison Langley from her oath of fealty and bequeaths The Lehigh Valley to her, supporting her claim of Praxis

Those Who Have Sworn Fealty

  • William Magister of Scranton (deceased)
  • Nicholas Martins of Scranton (deceased)
  • Walter Hamilton of Reading
  • Henry Jones of the Lehigh Valley (deceased)
  • Deckard Stevens of The Lehigh Valley (deceased)
  • Madison Langley of The Lehigh Valley (released)


Many: Kelly often brings a large following of warriors in his wake when he answers a call for aid


Unknown: He is feared, and most keep their opinions to themselves




  • Dana MacNamara

Mason (Deceased)
William "The Mad Piper" Mcmillian
William O'Brien
Cal (Deceased)
Ion Korzha
Presumably Others

Family Photo

Grand Childer

Pixi Morrison(Deceased)
Alex (Deceased)
Jonathan Ashmore
Vincent Methos
Cassie Logan
Jack Logan
Presumably Others


Connor (Rumoured)
Jeice (Rumoured)

Character Inspirations

Boondock Saints
13th Warrior
Norse Mythology
Celtic Mythology
House Cats




"I hate to tell you there is no Santa Claus, Piscin, but there isn't. No Waulkrie came down from Asgard to raise Svidi - a Vampire did. No Fae folk stole Kelly from his crib and sent him back 'touched' - a vampire bit him. Kurran DeSylvia didn't burst out of Gods arse with a six gun in each hand, either. Once upon a time, they were scared breathers who wanted nothing more then to eat, fuck, shit and sleep. Same with Max and Bellflower and Me. Don't let the shades of gray blind you." - One of Erik's many tirades

"What if he's really pissed?" she asks quietly.
"No possible way. I've seen Kelly well and truly angry before, and this isn't it"
"I've seen him kill while laughing before, does it really matter."

"I think Kelly has had it the hardest out of all of us." Erik on the passage of time

"I always tell the truth, I can'na see the point in lying to someone that d'no matter." -Kelly

"Crazy's just non-malkavian code fer really awe-inspiring and smart." -Kelly

"Remind me to never personally save the world." -Kelly

"And stop poking methuselah child malkavians!" -Erik

"Assuming its not a joke being played, I offer a couple of hypotheticals. First, the nature of the curse on the item is a repeated death scenario, and not torture. Second, Pitbull did have one of the items, perhaps Irish was never there and it was an illusion meant to torment him? Others were not successful in handing off the items they had acquired. A combination of the two? Or Occam's Razor wins, Kelly is fucking with people." -Joshua

"You want to understand Kelly? The only words you need to know are 'whimsical' and 'terrifying.'" - Webster

"Interestingly, I have this 'No Malkavian Elders' policy that I really try to strictly adhere to... I be less than pleased at the moment as I also have a 'No True faith' policy and a 'No Demon' policy... High up there be also a 'No Blood Magic' policy and a 'DON'T DRAW GOVERNMENT ATTENTION' policy... I say interesting because what ye seem to have dragged me into crosses every part of that. I kind of hate ye right now." -Kelly

"I do not serve a man. I serve a Prince." - Marquess Madison Langley

"We can't always predict what he's going to do, or what's going to set him off. Given the being that Kelly is, he utterly misses social cues. He's a warrior, not a soldier."

"There isn't always a black and white in our system...instead there is precedent, charisma, and audacity. The concept of a Hegemony system only exists in a handful of places where a single, highly charismatic, and dangerously powerful individual can make it happen." - Others comment on Kelly being an Imperial Prince

"Do you expect your citizens not to try to back-stab you? Grow up. Learn to use them and expect the betrayal. People root for an underdog, that is what you were but they delight in seeing the mighty fall and that is what you are now." -Kelly

"He's basically the Joker, just Irish and vampiric." -A Nosferatu

"I have never been so thoroughly frustrated by an individual personality nor as confident in a domain's security." -A Camarillan Gangrel


Kelly has found a new bloodline that combines Malkavian and Gangrel traits.

Is not really Gangrel.

Kelly is a werecreature.

He protects clan Malkavian.

He is killing off clan Malkavian.

He hosts large pagan festivals a few times a year where any who can find the location are welcomed.

He is territorial and possessive when it comes to his citizens. Few who claim residency ever leave.