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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 3
Domain Lehigh Valley, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player John Esslinger


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Alias(es): JC

Real Name: Not known

Apparent Age: 21

Concept: Mistake Made Good

Physical description: 5'9" 180 lbs. Fairly ordinary really, except for his beast features. Usually wears a death's head t-shirt, black cargo pants, and dirty black steel-toes combat boots. Also enjoys black leather jackets when he can keep them from getting destroyed.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Marquis Henry Jones of the Lehigh Valley
Resourceful by Marquis Deckard of the Lehigh Valley
Well-Connected by Marquis Deckard of the Lehigh Valley

Character Information

Known History

JC arrived in the Lehigh Valley in late 2007 as an Independent and worked closely with the office of the Sheriff on a contract basis for several years before finally joining the Camarilla shortly after Kelly seized Praxis from Sebastian Goldstein. He quickly assumed the position of Sheriff himself and since then has worked tirelessly to protect the valley from all perceived threats. He also fought valiantly in Prince Kelly's crusade to rid the Lehigh Valley of Sabbat where he amassed a tidy body count of his own. He is also known to have good relations with the Anarchs of Williamsport, specifically their Baron Piscin who is his adopted broodmate.



A genial guy like JC makes many friends, but among his closest are:
Rishi Massoud
Henry Jones
Cameron Fagan
Mattias Roman
Erik Logan
Kit Dillon


All the ones I know about are dead




None Claimed


Mason (deceased)
William "The Mad Piper" McMillian
William O'Brian

Character Inspirations

The Player
Stunt Actors
Bear Fuego




JC cuddles his ghouled Hippos in order to learn Settite secrets through osmosis. He calls it Gangrel Science.

JC has a man crush on some Tremere named Lucien Rex

JC Has run off and eloped with Piscin

JC was quietly exiled from the Lehigh Valley. He wanders now, building an army of Anarchs, with the help of Piscin, to return and overthrow the powers that banished him.