Hajime Kojima

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Clan Tremere
Position Seneschal
Status 8
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie ???
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 000
Player [hajime.tremere@gmail.com]


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Real Name: None have ever addressed him by any name other than Hajime Kojima

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: Dauntless hunter of secrets.

Physical description: Hajime is a Japanese-American who stands roughly 5'8" and weighs, you'd guess, 275 or 300 lbs. He is clean-shaven and wears his straight, black hair in a ponytail.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Resourceful, Respected, Relentless, Cherished, Adored

Character Information

Known History

Served as Primogen of the Tremere during Jordan Restax's second reign in the Twin Cities. He was forced to earn his place on Restax's Council through a period of probation. Shortly after earning respect and status from Restax, as well as a full seat on the Primogen Council, he disappeared from the public eye for two years. Since returning, he has worked hard to try and salvage Clan Tremere's reputation by trying to show the other clans how useful Clan Tremere can be.

Formerly blood hunted in the Twin Cities Domain by Prince Morgan Wynn Howell.



Daniel McDonald Edgar Lockhart Joseph Hanover Simon Donovan


Prince Morgan Wynn Howell deceased




Character Inspirations




Always seems very eager to learn more, no matter the subject matter.

Is never afraid to investigate a problem, and, in fact, may often be too eager.

Remained in the Twin Cities even after being bloodhunted with the assistance of Ari Renard and Anton Chernobog

Tried to instigate a coup to remove Prince Morgan Wynn Howell

He Died at Midwinter.

He saved a couple of Gangrel's lives while fighting Moloch.

Failed to follow through on a deal with a Genie causing Selene Lazarion's grandchilde Simon Williamsen to be given to the Genie as a slave to serve in the Umbra for 5 years to pay for the broken deal.

Is one lucky sonofabitch.