Eliza Rutherford

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Clan Tremere
Position Harpy
Status 6+2+1
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie None
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 0
Player Player Name


Upload Eliza upon her arrival to Hartford

Name: Elizabeth "Eliza" Rutherford

Apparent Age: 24

Concept: Cryptography expert

Physical description: Small in stature with brown hair and bright blue eyes. She speaks with a slight British accent. She often wears clothing from an eclectic background favoring her origins from Hong Kong

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledge - By Prince Marshal Rolands in Manchester
  • Insightful Primogen Ora Primrose 11/2017
  • Resourceful: Prince Gold of Hartford 3/2018
  • Courageous: Prince Butler 5/2018
  • Resourceful: Prince Butler 9/2018
  • Brave:Prince Rufus Castor 9/2018
  • Insightful as Agent of E-Divison
  • Well-Connected as Harpy
  • Influential as Harpy

Character Information

Known History

Northeast gathering, August 2018

Eliza arrived to the domain of Hartford just a month a head of the 2017 Conclave. She is the brood mate of Sovereign Prince Fredrick Gold of Hartford. Eliza is originally from Hong Kong when is it was a British Colony and has a degree in Mathematics from the University of London. Upon arriving in the domain of Hartford she has thrown herself into the domain politics becoming clan primogen at the end of November. During the Conclave in Hartford she had a seat at a poker table with thouse of far greater standing than her.

Her friendship with the local Kuejin, "Three Jewels Radiant" has created quite a stir amongest members of her own clan.

Upload Sun never sets




The octupus pin is the symbol of the supposed coetire of younger kindred in the Hartford/Stamford area



William Harkness



Fredrick Gold Sovereign Prince of Hartford

Character Inspirations

A Deliberate Comment?
  • Joan Clarke from The Imitation Game
  • Robert Langdon From Angels and Demon
  • Laura Croft from Tomb Raider


  • Scars To Know your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
  • Mad World- Post Modern Jukeboxs
  • It's a Mans world - Post Modern Jukebox
  • World on Fire- Sarah McLachlan




  • "You need to start seeing all the players on the board and not just the obvious one"


Eliza Rutherford is actually a Kuei-Jin infiltrating Clan Tremere.

Had an Archon investigation over a kiss

She is on a path ... which one no one knows

Eliza is actually a highly adept close combat expert

The real Eliza was captured and destroyed by the Sabbat. The only ones left are Tzimisce clones that explode at Camarilla gatherings.

Eliza Rutherford is actually secretly in love with Blackwood Lennox

Has aspirations for an position in Warwicks office but is vague on the reasons