Warren DeMontegue

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Clan Tremere
Position Prince
Status 6+2+4
Domain La Crosse, WI
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Jon Krocker


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Real Name:

Apparent Age: 35


Physical description: 6'1" in height with dark brown hair and a goatee. Dresses in business suits.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Aaron Argus
Feared by Prince Tao
Fearless by Prince Tao
Influential by Prince Aki
Industrious by Leonius Agrippa
Respected' by Prince Carmine Cisero

Character Information

Best described as "Cold, Logical, and Efficient".

Known History



James Blaylock
Dr. Adrienne Stratton, PhD
Liv Jensen





Character Inspirations



"28 dollars you say?!"

"Help me to help you."

"Please don't get any on the floor, and try to die...honorably."


  • Warren is one of the main reasons the domain of La Crosse is still standing.
  • Warren would kick puppies for the fun of it, except that such a thing wouldn't gain him anything.
  • Warren may be a cold heartless bastard, but there are things even he won't do.
  • Since becoming Prince the domain of La Crosse has become the most stable it has been since Carmine Cicero was Prince there.
  • Warren is so fantastic Rachel Eiken supposedly was trying to get boons over him to make him move to the Twin Cities to educate his clan there during the time she was Harpy of the Twin Cities. He is reported to gotten a pained look and said to Rachel "Please don't do that."
  • Warren is the designated 'Hall Monitor' of Clan Tremere
  • Warren is not a fan of H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Warren owns a re-education Acknowledgement Camp for wayward Camarilla Citizens that sits right next door to a pig farm and has maintained a 100% success rate of re-Acknowledgement.
  • Warren was a pirate before his Embrace, making him a Pirate Tremere
  • Warren is a known lover of purebred corgies.
  • Warren hasn't been laid in decades