Winston Warchild

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Clan Tremere
Status 6
Domain San Francisco
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player WinstonWarchild



Winston Warchild

AKA Yuri Ruskoff

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: Pyramis Malleus

Physical description: Winston Warchild is broad shouldered and burly, dashing, with short shaved hair. He usually wears a traditional black collared shirt, tie, leather trench, gloves. His signature piece is a brass half-crescent gorget necklace around his neck. Sometimes he wears a weapon belt with a Warded Knife, a Wand, and two Warded Stakes.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by word of Prince Sigwald Heinz Bonn Germany
  • Feared by Word of Prince Sangria de Corazon
  • Dedicated by Word of Prince Dorrian Grey
  • Dedicated by Word of Marcus Jovan AKA Archon Incisus
  • Loyal by Word of Marcus Jovan AKA Archon Incisus
  • Resourceful by Word of Prince Jeice Kincaid of Jerusalem

Character Information

Fiercely loyal to Clan Tremere, sometimes to his detriment, he views the concept of his clan more as a philosophy and a way of life, rather than a machine which he is a cog.

Known History

Warchild has attested to his history as a mortal during the time the English were at war with the French. He has mentioned he grew up on a Man o War named the HMS Righteous Endeavor where he was a Gunnery and Carpenters assistant, as he grew older, he was groomed and placed as a Leftenant of His Majesty's Royal Marines aboard his same ship.

The first mention of the Kindred known as Winston Warchild in Kindred History was before the Bulchevik revolution in Moscow. During a bloody clan war the Brujah purged several of theirs, during that time Warchild has mentioned that he saw his Sire ripped apart by a mob of angry Brujah, of whom he has never forgiven or forgotten. Nearly losing his own life he left Moscow by aid of Irena Markov. He wasn't heard from again for another 15 years until when he was Acknowledged in Bonn Germany.

Warchild served Clan Tremere as a driver and security agent for other notable Tremere and guests. Not much of note was chronicled in the annals of Kindred History about him until he arrived in Santa Rosa California in the early part of the 21st century.



  • Winston Warchild arrives in Santa Rosa California and receives Hospitality from Prince Brian Fischer.


  • Warchild arrives at one of his first gathers to find the gather and the collection of Primogen under assault by the Sabbat, he makes a name for himself by protecting several of the Domain members, Harpy, Primogen and other notable officers while destroying several members of the Sabbat. He is quickly named Primogen.
  • Takes part in purging the sewers of Santa Rosa and Petaluma of a Sabbat presence hiding there, he learns of the layout of the sewers as taught to him by a Nosferatu by the name of Jenkins.
  • Warchild serves as Primogen until he is removed by Prince Brian Fisher for accusations of breaching the Masquerade, which he is aquitted of later. It was found to be a ploy of the infernal to throw Warchild off their trail. Prince Brian Fischer is later found to be an imposter, and is deposed.
  • Kills his first Werewolf and is awarded status from the new Prince Sangria de Corazon.
  • Warchild takes part in purging the Domain of Santa Rosa of the Follower of Set presence, he is saddened by their removal but does his duty anyway.


  • Magic was outlawed by the Prince Oz of Clan Gangrel, none were permitted to practice it, having heard of this Warchild returns to gather and confronts him.
  • Warchild overthrew in a bloodless Praxis against Oz, after Oz insults Warchild by giving one of Warchild's havens to an Assamite Anarch Baron Cayhill Grant.
  • A month after Warchild claimed Praxis, his Praxis was held in contention by Nosferatu Leighton Colbrante for what appeared to be no specific reason. At the Winter Event hosted by the Giovanni in Napa County, Warchild put any claims to his Praxis to rest, in a bloodless agreement.


  • Faced with a war in his Domain with the warring factions being the Light and Dark side Fae, he managed to keep the Kindred of his Domain out of the conflict, during this time Oz was found guilty for breaching the Masquerade and was destroyed by Archon Shanghai Kelly.
  • Leighton Colbrante disappears.
  • Summer 2010 The Domain of Santa Rosa was sieged by the Sabbat, Elders of that Sect decided that Santa Rosa would be a perfect staging ground to assault San Francisco during Conclave. Warchild remained with a handful of residents gathered forces and fought back the Sabbat. His missive addressed to the Camarilla was addressed Victory on the West Coast of the United States
  • Warchild was one of the initial signers of the Rinaldi Doctrine.


  • During the time when Brujah across the world lost their control, Warchild was mysteriously affected as well, he ended up alone in a fight against the united Clan of Brujah in Sonoma County in which he was the sole Kindred standing in the aftermath. This was when Elissa Maxwell took the opportunity to seize Praxis for Marcus Jovan, which Warchild did not contest.
  • Because he did not contest losing his Praxis, Warchild willingly relinquished his status of Cherished, and Honorable in accordance to respect for the Rinaldi Doctrine. This deed was met with respect by many of the signers through private correspondence.
  • Warchild went into seclusion for a brief period of time giving Marcus Jovan some breathing room to run his new Domain.
  • Warchild assisted San Francisco against a large assault against agents of the Sabbat.
  • Warchild has started his laborious attempt at repairing his name, and has accepted the position of Keeper of Elysium under the Kindred who took his Praxis.
  • The status of Loyal was given to Warchild for services to the Domain of Sonoma County by Prince Marcus Jovan.


  • Kills another Werewolf, this time with his bare hands.
  • February, Warchild and a group of Kindred destroy one of the Demons plaguing Sonoma County.
  • March 2012 Warchild is ambushed and is put into torpor, having survived his perspective has changed, each day since then he considers "Borrowed Time".
  • April 2012, Warchild begins what he refers to as his time of repentance, and apologizes to several Kindred he feels he has wronged.
  • April 2012, To devote himself as the point of contact during an Demonic problem in Santa Rosa, he steps down as Keeper of Elysium, and works directly with Archons and other members of the Camarilla to rid that Domain of the plight.
  • July 2012, Warchild is awarded the status of Dedicated from Marcus Jovan for his significant progress in combating the infernal threat which afflicts Sonoma County.
  • August 2012, Warchild along with Sangria de Corazon, Nasir, and Marcus Jovan destroy a second Demon in the Domain, one that had been causing severe problems for over a year. Warchild is also awarded resourceful for helping the Prince of Jerusalem secure the Libraries of Jerusalem.
  • October 2012, Warchild is accused of killing 5 Anarchs and has his Hospitality removed by Marcus Jovan. He leaves Sonoma County without further issue.
  • November 2012, Warchild assists Adrastia Individa Roma in carving out a new Camarilla Domain in the Emerald Triangle, for his contributions he is named Seneschal of the new Domain. He also individually killed 2 Lupines during this battle in a one on one fight with each of them.


  • Serves Adrastia as Seneshal, helps build her Domain.
  • September 2013, Banishment is lifted from Warchild in Sonoma County by Prince Dorrian Grey.
  • Warchild slips into torpor under mysterious circumstances


  • Warchild is awoken to discover that the Emerald Triangle was put under Censure by Justicar Lotharius, and is given a choice where to server next. He serves in the Domain of Santa Rosa.


  • Is granted residency by Prince Dorrian Grey and in short time becomes Sheriff.
  • Is granted status *Dedicated* by Prince Grey for service to the Domain.


  • Warchild spent the majority of the year as Sheriff of the Domain, until called away for clan business.


  • Warchild shows up in Greater Berkeley and performs investigation on enemies of the Domain and gains the attention of Archons of the Camarilla.
  • Warchild moves to Greater San Fransisco


None at this time.


"True friends stab you in the front" Oscar Wilde


"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." Winston Churchill


  • Aleksandyr Ruskoff (Dead) (Brujah infiltrator) NPC
  • Irena Markov (Brujah Mentor - considered his Sire in the past) NPC



Tremere - None

Brujah - Nadezhda Markov - "Nadya"

Character Inspirations

  • Captian Kirk from Star Trek
  • Severen from Near Dark
  • Vincent from Collateral


  • 1. Marilyn Manson's: The Man that you Fear.
  • 2. Deftones cover of Duran Duran's: The Chauffeur.
  • 3. Another Deftones cover, this time Depeche Mode's: To Have and To Hold.
  • 4. Bush's: Letting the Cables Sleep.
  • 5. Chuck Berry's: You never can tell.
  • 6. Puscifer's: The Undertaker.
  • 7. The Doors: Back Door Man.
  • 8. Metallica's: Temptation.
  • 9. Deftones cover of the Cars: Drive.
  • 10. Primus: Over the Falls.

That was really hard to weed out some of the other songs, I really wanted to add: IAMX: Think of England. which I think really sums up a lot about Warchild.


  • "Everyone pitches in, nobody gets a free ride."
  • "Ut Infra Ut Supra"
  • "I will support your Praxis until you break a Tradition, then, know full well, I'll be coming for you." To Oz, former Prince of Sonoma County, whom Warchild made true to his promise.
  • "Being in Clan Tremere is like being slapped on one cheek, and then kissed on the other"
  • "Clan Tremere doesn't have to worry about having Anti-Clans, Anarchs, Independents, or Camarilla Confused, we're all required to promise loyalty to the Camarilla, and thus, we remain a powerful pillar of our great Sect." - When speaking about the Children of Haqim, or Assamites.
  • "I have always said this, and I've never denied saying this, to anyone in Sonoma County, the Domain which is my home. If my life is in danger from the Prince, or if a Prince is weak, and violates what we hold sacred as the Camarilla, I would contest them, but until then, I will fight for and serve His Majesty." to Marcus Jovan Prince of Sonoma County.
  • "The measure of a man is in the caliber of his enemies"
  • "Not bad, for a God."

Quotes about Warchild

  • "It is better to have Warchild in your tent pissing out, than outside your tent pissing in" -Anonymous
  • "Ever heard of Winston Warchild, that's right... nobody has." - Shanghai Kelly at his roast.


  • Has somehow survived many situations and encounters which would destroy most Kindred.
  • Is an accomplished carpenter
  • Has mixed relations with the Setites
  • Hates Anarchs
  • Murdered a group of Anarchs in cold blood.
  • While Prince, he punished 2 Kindred by making them eat an entire side of beef for going "Cow Tipping".
  • Will believe anything you tell him. Except that which is not true.

Rumors about Brujah and Warchild

  • lost his Praxis after a disagreement with the entire Brujah Clan of his Domain, resulting in all of their torpor.
  • Calls an Elder of Clan Brujah "Mother"
  • Belongs to a lesser Brujah House - House Markov

Rumors about other Kindred

Tremere Only

  • Is the only Tremere that successfully managed to keep a agenda adhered to when running a regional Clan meeting, and making sure it lasted less than 2 hours.